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I have tx2 1020ea, bought in UK. I also expected bit more for that money (using Firefox is annoying sometimes, when there is no response after typing letters). In advance, I have problem with digital signal on SPDIF output. Got Tosslink optical cable to connect it with my home cinema system Creative SoundBlaster Extigy (as there is no Vista driver for it so I can´t use an USB cable), but I got only stereo signal. Even on Realtek Sound Manager screen it appears as stereo connection. I hope W7 will inprove it - HP wont, after a few emails to customer service they gave it up.



I love mine. but like a swiss army knife it can do everything. But it can't do everything well. I keep mine at my desktop so if i want to just check Email or quickly go on the internet I just lift the lid it wakes up and sence i have everything in ram it's right there. I put a SSD in it and that helped alot (power saving and performance) and made the 320 g hard drive into a external. I set it up with my workout machine with a WINDLINK setup so I can watch DVDs,surf the net and monitor my workout all at the same time.I also made a tray in my suburban and use it for GPS,OBDII.internet and music.I also hooked it up to my 52 inch LCD TV with a 25 ft VGA/SPDIF cable. My grandchildren use it to color in paintbrush and games on the internet. their to young to use a mouse So all in all A great laptop. I would of given it at least an 8. in fact I did this comment with the laptop instead of my main computer.I have a very comfortable couch.I plan on putting WIN 7 on it in october which should support mult_touch and all that stuff.



I bought this laptop for my wife in March [2009] at Best Buy marked down to $900.  I'm not sure what full price was, but I'm not sure I would have paid more than $1k for it.

The fact is I knew this thing wasn't going to be a workhorse when I bought it because I knew my wife's demands of a PC... Office Suite, taking notes at meetings (hence the touch), surfing the internet, listening to music and watching videos.  She's not going to be using this machine for any gaming, video encoding, photoshopping, etc.  And HP doesn't advertise this machine as the machine to do it (and honestly, I really dislike HP and wouldn't buy one unless it was a deal).

I was holding out for the Asus T101 (T91 is just too small), which has
yet to be released.  As a netbook, yes it'll be lighter, but it'll be
signifcantly slower and significantly less flexible software/drivers
wise where I have full control with Windows.  And I really wasn't
counting on the price being much lower than $900 with the T91 already
rumored to sell for around $750.  So comparitively, this is a better machine IMHO.

As for the machine:
-Is it slow?  It can be.
-Is it heavy for its size? A little.  The better question is can you hold the five pounds in your arm for an extended period of time for the tablet use?  I didn't realize holding five pounds was so tough, but as a mother of 3 and already holding a baby all day long, my wife has yet to complain.
-Is it loud?  Eh, I've heard worse.
-Does HP customer service suck? When hasn't it... you only buy HP if you know how to fix it on your own.
-Does it run Windows 7?  Took some work with the drivers, but yep.

For basic use, and particularly if you can find it marked down, this IS the touchscreen laptop to buy (can't believe I just recommended an HP).  If you're looking to buy a touchscreen that's more multipurpose to do gaming, photoshop, etc... this IS NOT the laptop to buy (not sure why you'd want a touchscreen for that... but to each his own), but I think that's obvious even without this MPC review.  You're not going to find a mobile machine with all the horsepower to do everything well in this price range anyhow.



My roommate had a tx1000 series laptop, and it started overheating as well. WiFi went offline, screen had a mind of its own when turning on/off.

Called HP, they refused to acknowledge the problem... this is pure bullshit. This is a WELL-KNOWN problem with the laptops that you can find over the internet, HP just doesn't want a recall. I hope they get a class-action lawsuit for this.

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