HP TouchSmart 600-1155 Review



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HP TouchSmart chain touchscreen all-in-one Desktop Computer designed by HP. This series of computers are loaded with various AMD or Intel, and runs on Windows 7 or Windows Vista as standard. HP TouchSmart 600-1155 is latest version of the TouchSmart also appears to have the same generous collection of ports smartly located on the sides of the chassis.




About the article statement, "came equipped with 6GB of 1,333MHz DDR3 memory (one 2GB stick and one 4GB stick running in dual-channel mode)."

Glad to see that the online version has been revised from the print edition stating "two 3GB DIMMs", but I am disappointed to see that you think that a mismatched pair (2GB + 4GB) would run in Dual-Channel mode.

Sad to see a "veteran" columnist just phoning it in.

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