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I just bought a brand new Envy 173D. It's a pile! Slow, defective screen, defective touchpad. HP customer service is a joke. They won't do anything about and never return calls. What a waste of a lot of money. I will NEVER NEVER purchase ANYTHING with the HP name on it. NOTHING! Don't throw your money away on this junk.



DO NOT BUY HP THE SERVICE IS VERY POOR. I HAVE SPENT OVER 12 HOURS ON THE PHONE TO EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD AND SENT MY DV7 3152CA back 2 times in the last 3 weeks for repair and it came back Jan 26 2011 and still does not work right


Kelly M

Your unfortunate experience with HP customer support is typical with many of today's PC manufacturers. The MAJOR differance when dealing with Envy support is that their service is US based. This goes for Canadian customers as well. They also offer a standard 2 year warranty on the Envy, a rarity in the business these days.



Envy = Great looks, good performance, AWFUL battery! It doest even last one hour, can't even watch a movie or type an entire lecture back at college! Always wondered what does the guys at apple do, cuz there laptops got great battery life, and u cant even swap'em?!



Any chance that's an IPS panel inside?



HP is clueless when it comes to cooling laptops with GPUs. My HDX-1370us gets incredibly hot. The CPU gets up to 108C and GPU up to 115C running Just Cause 2. And if I don't prop up the back left corner, it will get so hot it cuts off. It will overheat sitting on a solid flat surface.



hey guys, great review, but just one tiny thing seems to be missing.


How much does it cost?



This laptop almost makes me want to eBay my Alienware m15x! (Almost.)

There's one on Newegg right now for $1399. That's a screaming bargain, IMO. (See what one could get from a MBP for that price-point! You couldn't get these specs in a MBP at any price.) Not a huge fan of HP but I must admit the Envy is a very decent machine. My friend has one and yes it does get a bit hot under load but he's never had a problem with overheating. I guess this is to be expected in a slim-form.

You can also add a second 2.5 inch HDD if it doesn't come standard (or you didn't order it with one.) A good SSD combined with a 500Gb 7200 rpm would be more than ideal.

I always appreciate your reviews of laptops, Ms. Stevenson :)

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