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Sorry to point out, but you people are idiots. If you took the time to read the article, you would see that he was posting the review that they PREVIOUSLY did on the laptop. Just because it is posted now does NOT mean that the review is current.

They appointed the Toshiba R600 as the base system last September. They also posted the Envy 13 hands-on 09/15/09.

Time to back to school or see a doctor and get your eyes checked. 


I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am!



Why is this here? This laptop is from last year. Get a review for the Envy 17 up, I haven't seen one professional review of that yet.



Where is usb 3?

Where is Core iX series cpu's. I haven't lookup up the score of this cpu but come on.


1024x768! are you kidding me?

No DVD burner? sounds more like a netbook than an ultraportable... 


It does get points for aesthetics, HDMI and SSD but still not good enough given the price tag.



this laptop came out last summer, it is out dated and this review may have been helpful then but the HP Envy 14 is much better and is due out in 2 weeks



No way I'd pick this over a 13" MacBook Pro for $1500.



10 hour battery

NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics

DVD burner included.



Yep, I agree with you. I'm looking at the Apple website now, and the $1500 MacBook Pro beats the HP's spec in every bit except for the hard-drive. So why would anyone get the HP over the MacBook Pro? With the $200 saved, you could also use that money to upgrade the MacBook's HDD to SSD with even $$ leftover. And the MacBook can also run Windows natively - so the user could alternate between OSX and Windows. The MacBook Pro is a win-win in this verdict.



A Macbook running Windows actually suffers from reduced performance.  Don't say "That's because windows is so bad"; compare a Mac running Windows and a PC running Windows (both with the same specs, of course) and I promise that you'll find the PC to be more responsive and effective.

Macs are not made for Windows; don't insinuate such drivel.



This review is way too late. This laptop is from last year and is soon to be replaced, by the Envy 14 which is better in pretty much every way, except a little less portable. The Envy 14 offers swappable graphics, a better screen, internal CD/DVD drive, Core i* processors, backlit keyboard, and better battery life for $700 less (starts at $999). This review is useless considering the how close the new one is coming out, June 24th.

 Also, the Envy 17 is already out.



My dell xps m1330 just crapped out on me a few months back. This laptop looks like the perfect replacement. I would probably end up running ubuntu on it though.

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