HP EliteBook 8740w Review



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Talcum X

Our customer just got in a pallet of these the other week and I helped image them to be released as the latest in CATIA capable laptops.  They do run a bit hot, and sometimes are a bit finicky about rebooting after they have been running a bit warm for some time, but they seem to be a pretty good laptop (if you like laptops)  I don't like the button on the DVD drive though.  Hard to find as it sits too flush with the faceplate of the drive and you end up pushing and pushing all around to try and find it.

They come with a 200W power brick.  WARNING!  Do no rubber band a group of them together.  They do not dispence the heat very well all bundled up like a survival party in the arctic...and they tend to parish over night.  :-/



At this price I would think it would have two 500 GB WD drives. You can get a custom rig that would be just as impressive, if not smarter; a better build for buck.

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