HIS iCooler V Turbo Radeon HD 5870 Review



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124MB Frame buffer! Alright! :D


, but yeah XFX has this one beat...I love the double lifetime warranties.



Thanks for pointing out my typo (not Loyd's) in the spec chart. I fixed it.

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Talcum X

 Odd that on the cover of the heat sink it says "Faster, Cooler, Quieter", and yet, it's louder than others.


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What's really sad is that the overclocks that XFX and HIS are putting into these cards are offering no worthwhile increases in performance. At most you're looking at 2 more FPS max on everything tested and having to pay $50 more for the XFX card and $110 more for the HIS card. Why? At least with the XFX I guess the cooler is quieter than even the stock 5870 from what I've read, but with the increases in wattage consumption this isn't very comforting. Bottom line for me is, unless the cooler on the card is going to allow for some amazing overclocks on my end, I'm not paying the premium for any factory overclocked card.

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Yeah I don;t really see the point of this card but I know on the Sapphire toxic/vapor-x cards they make a custom pcb with higher end parts and more efficient circuitry resulting in a shorter card and sometimes less power consumption. Any sapphire card on a blue pcb is custom they also have different heatsinks generally.


EVGA also does this sometimes they have a gtx295 classified edition, which has the outer shell of the heatsink made of black aluminum and there are points on the card that you can use to measure voltage yourself they also have a jumper to turn off the thermal protection on the card for booting at sub zero temps. Also look at the Asus ROG 5970 it is pretty bad ass as well. But I do have to say that most overclocked cards are not worth the money.

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