Hewlett-Packard Firebird



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notebook graphic cards? isnt that unswappable? what's the point of getting a desktop if you cant swap the equipments? might as well get a laptop, at least there's this mobility bonus.



Not everyone wants to put 2,3 or 4 $500 video cards in their computer. Not everyone wants or needs the miniscule speed difference between 5400 and 72 RPM HD's. This is a nice quiet machine that requires less power and would be just fine for about 2/3's of the people. There is a market for the high end units but it is considerably less than for the rest of us. My bottom line goes like this.... Do I really need to spend several thousand dollars in order to play a $49 game and brag about the extra 2FPS?

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
4gb Ram
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
HP w2207 Monitor
CD/DVD SuperMulti drive (Lightscribe)
Realtek ALC 888S
Nvidia 8800 GT OC 512mb
...Keurig close by for a quick cuppa!



...theres a huge difference between 5400rpm 7200rpm, and im personaly running 10k and 15k disks..thers a huge difference between the speeds. also a 140$ videocard will get you 40fps in crysis



HP played a joke on all of the former Voodoo enthusiasts after Rahul sold out.  We were lured to purchase the Blackbird 002 based on the Voodoo reputation just to be dropped like hot potatoes once the 1 year warranty ran out.  The Firebird is a sickly looking child of HP with diluted Voodoo DNA.  Shame on HP for so ruthlessly destroying such a great name in computers and shame on Rahul for lending his name in support of HP's behaviour.



See above



The Firebird matches the Zero Point rig step for step, and does it with half the power and half the size. You have to respect that. If this was a test shot, let's watch the genre develop. More OEMs should hop on board the mini gaming rigs. I always wondered why the nobody could max out an iMac like machine, now we have this. I'm all for shrinking the PC down, they are awfully large now and the hardware to shrinkthem has been around for years. Get the likes of MSI and Asus to build motherboards, SSDs are dropping in price. All we need is GPUs that fit and a choice of external power bricks to match. This is the wave of the budget to mid priced gaming systems.



I would buy one if it had a real HDD. 5,400 rpm laptop HDD just does not cut it. Give it a 3.5" 1 terabyte 7,200 rpm and this would be a sweet HTPC.



it doesn't have to be what it will look like in the future. All you have to do is....not buy it. That simple. Send a msg to to these morons that no one wants it.



idk i suppose it fits a market of people who want to game but dont want to drop the serious $$ to get a truly beefy rig... its like the whole craze of fuel efficient but want 0-60 in 3 seconds.  you cant have both economey and muscle.



In reality there is a ratio between power and economy that says the more oomph I derive from the power that I use makes me more efficient.  I like efficiency when it gets the job done because it is a sure sign that my performance dollar is well spent and not wasted.  Call it the Ferrari Ideal of efficiency.  What I Do Not like is efficiency as a status symbol. Call this the Toyota Ideal of efficiency.  This is what happens when you put Accountants in charge of marketing and advertisiment.  Its also what happens to the Male Dog or Cat at the vets.

Just sad.



 you can have both but it will cost a fortune.

its the great triagle





pick any 2

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