Hauppauge HD PVR Review



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Nice review but I wonder why you are reviewing a 2 year old product? I have been looking at this product for a long time now. The only reason I didnt buy it is due to it's lack of closed captioning support. I am glad that you included it in your review. It is very important, not only for the deaf population but also for hard of hearing, people with hearing loss, and people with Engish as Second Language.

The point of this comment is

1. Why are you reviewing 2 years old product?

2. To continue raise awareness regarding closed captioning support with media players and recorders. Hauppauge have been aware of the Closed Captioning (CC) issue for the past 2 years yet they still have not come up with a fix. So I take this as being not a "priority"!. This is very frustrating!

All (or most) of other hauppauge products do support closed captioning, why not this one?

Since I'm here, I would like to comment that none of any other Media recievers (players) support closed captioning! netgear's digital entartimer elite, WD live, mediagate, etc etc. (Windows Media Centre supports CC for recorded TVs but not DVDs Weird!!!!)

This pi$$es me off. We need more people to give thier voice on this issue. Thanks for reading this.



Brother bought one of these recently.  He's your typical lazy console fanatic I'm-going-to-be-pro-someday annoying pissant 'tard (whom owes me a new balisong!), and even he was able to figure this PVR out.  That's just me stating the ease-of-use this product has.


His was in the $180-190 range, I believe. I'd recommend it.



Did I miss it somewhere in the review?  How much is it supposed to cost?



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