Haier Rhapsody Ibiza



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All the ibiza players and accessories are 75% off, at least at the Blacksburg VA Target store. Picked up the black 30 GB model for $68.74!



A couple notes regarding your complaints.  If you hold the back button for a couple seconds it will take you back to the home screen from anywhere.  Also, in later firmware versions they added the ability to see which tracks have DRM.  DRM tracks have a small Rhapsody logo next to them while non-DRM tracks don't have the logo.  Regarding price, Haier just announced a 120GB version of this device and hopefully they'll bring the price of this larger version in line with the iPod and Zune.


I Jedi

Excellent, excellent article MaximumPC. I have a music subscription plan with Rhapsody To Go and this is definitely very nice to see. I like the ability for Bluetooth support and the fact that I can download songs off of the Internet without connecting the portable music player to my PC is really awesome. I agree, though, that the lack of codec supports is a bit disapointing. However, considering I mostly just have Rhapsody music songs and my regular songs are in .mp3 format, it's fine for me. I think the only thing that is going to keep me away from buying this anytime soon is the price. I've got a lot to do right now, but I will definitely keep this in mind for future purchases of a new portal player. Again, great article, great review of pros and cons, and wonderful presentation. 

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