Gyration Air Music Remote



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I bought the keyboard and remote this weekend at Fry's Electronics.  The combo is totally awesome.  It is the living room keyboard-mouse solution I have dreamed about.  I am just amazed someone actually made such a great product and at such a cheap price.  I almost didn't buy it because the price was so low it seemed to good to be true.  But hands on use has made me a believer.

To the authors comments, sure the remote isn't perfect by itself.  But with a keyboard sitting on a table nearby or your lap the two make for an extremely comfortable combo.  Regarding lack of support for bluetooth, Zigbee, and other protocols, there is no way this would cost $109 much less $50 with all of those added features.

It is available in the store and online for $109 after $20 mail-in rebate.  At this price can you find anything wrong with this setup.  I think not.  Here is the link:

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