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Thanks for the post. I'll consider this while making my choice. I've seen a video about Nexus One testing and was quite impressed. Here is the videro . But of course the points you considered were not mentioned. Thanks for objective opinion.



 I agree! And no more talking about monitors, keyboards, or printers. And no software. Don't mention games anymore... or routers. Just PC's only. No one wants to hear about computer accessories or anything that can actually be used "with" a computer or in conjunction with a computer or... in harmony with... or around... or about computers. Just talk about motherboards... and CPUs. Don't let me hear about MP3's or DRM, or dur with durpa durka dur. And hooka pooka dur de diddly durga durpa ding dong.

They durk uur duuuur!!!! Durka durka durpa durrrrr!!

- Phrish



Maximum PC needs key folks in place to refocus the magazine on PCs and PC peripherals instead of cell phones and cameras. Sorry but the magazine we've all come to appreciate needs to find it's way again.



Does your spam filter actually block spam, or just meaningful posts?



All these smartphone storys, I thought this is maximum pc? out of how to install thermal paste stories?




I was actually thinking you guys needed to review the nexus one just earlier today.

Donate blood!



I have one for about a month now.  I love it.  I came from Verizon, and I'm so glad.  T-Mo has been way better for me.  Better call quality by far.  I have used an iphone before, and to me the N1 blows it away.  I have all the apps I need, and I simply can't put it down.  I even named my phone.  Andy the Android.  tee hee



 Android is sexy. I'll give it that. I tried the Droid, and I've used Windows Mobile in the past (version 6) and Blackberry. I traded my Blackberry Curve Flip for the Droid, then switched back.

My main arguments against the Android platform in general and the Droid in specific:

  • At a MINIMUM for a PDA, I need calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks. Android has calendar and contacts, but the tasks is half baked and really just an ofshoot of the calendar. I need SEPERATE tasks that I may or may not want to tie alarms into. And notes is non-existant. I have tons of notes in Outlook that I'd want to port/sync with Android. Google, Google Docs is not a substitute for a quick sticky-style note application for syncing with Outlook. I've seen some hacks of task syncing and something that tries to sync Outlook notes with Google Docs... but... no... nuh uh. CALENDAR, CONTACTS, NOTES, TASKS. This is not too much to ask. All else is gravy.
  • Droid keyboard sucks. Flat out sucks. No question. I'm not an on-screen KB person. I need the tactile of a true touch KB. I can text like you wouldn't believe with the Blackberry Pearl Flip... love those keys and the predictive word algorithms are 99% dead on.
  • I do miss the customizable on-home-screen application for my calendar, agenda, weather that I used to enjoy with WM (PocketBreeze, Pocket Weather). With home screen widgets, I expect I'll probably see this eventually on Android, but I've not seen anything yet that I like. Eventually, I'm sure, but it will take that to pull me away from my flip phone back to a brick of a touch screen phone.

But the calendar, contacts, notes, tasks thing is the biggest bugaboo for me right now. I don't even know that that is primarily due to Android as a platform, but I suspect it's a shortcoming with Google itself. Google is great, but the integration of these kinds of basic PIM items seems half baked.

 Take the main Gmail interface as an example. You have email right there (no way to send a high/low importance email still I might add... geez comeon Google). Calendar is a hyperlink at the top of the page that opens a whole new browser window or tab. Contacts and tasks both look like a mail label link found with your other mail lables. Tasks opens a floater window over mail, but it's really a tie-in with the calendar. Contacts closes your mail interface and opens a contacts interface. There is no "notes" link, except for the Google Docs, which, like Calendar, again opens a new browser window/tab. Docs is not a quick note taking application.

 The interface is just "half baked" top to bottom. Using Google is an exercise in trade-offs, finding and executing the various components of the suite of functionality.

 I just want to say to Google, in case they are listening, which they probably aren't... look at Outlook. Despite my desire to move off of Outlook to the Google cloud, you can't argue that Outlook has the user interface right. They have email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, etc. as they should be. Logical. Consistent. As soon as Google can emulate that experience, the better off everyone will be, and the better Android will likely be as a result, as it moves to accommodate the interface and functionality.

 And for heaven's sake, build a proper integrated notes app, separate from Docs.


Ok, I'm done ranting. =) Thank you. I'll be here all week.

- Phrish



Ive had this phone for a few months now, I really enjoy it. I wish I can compare it to the iphone, but I never had one of those

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