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is this 'los zetas' motherboard or what? this is a joke, am i right?



This looked nice until i saw the price. $530, you gotta be kidding me. I'm sorry, but above about the $200 mark, a motherboard is a motherboard. What does this mobo do that any other one does that warrants the price? In theory, what are you going to get for your three houndred dollar markup, a 50 Mhz faster overclock?


Honestly, if I was in the market for a new build, I'd still might consider 1366, espcially if I could save a few bucks. It's not like your box is going to disapear when Ivy comes out.



I'm just curious if people are even still buying X58 boards.....we keep seeing new ones released, so I guess they are.



I'm going to wait for two things: One, someone is going to get stopped at an airport with one of these in their backpack. Two, someone is going to put real gun parts on one of these. Your time starts... NOW!




I was thinking that this board should get a 9 just for how damn sexy it is. But then I saw the pricetag... 8 is a good score.



I read it in the latest issue of MaximumPC, heck there was even an ad for it in one of those pages.

I have a quick question though. I initally wanted to buy the Asus P8P67 Deluxe, but at the same time, I want to get this one instead. Which one should I get?



Different kinds of machines really. A Sandy Bridge is really a great blend of performance / price ratio with a longer life. You're also getting Intel's very good native SATA 6Gb/s over the X68's SATA 3 or third-party discrete controller SATA 6. SRT is also actually a great alternative for those who cannot afford big fat SSDs.

I really think the choice depends on what the machine will be used for. For a gaming machine and general, enthusiast machine, a 2500K/2600K + Z68 / P67 can't be beat for price to performance ratio.


If, however, you are using the box for work where you need six-cores, the X58 is worth the build even though it is a dead man walking. The 970 at $562 is a great deal for someone who needs the cores.

For every one else, well, P67/Z68 in LGA1155 makes a lot more sense. Plus, there is a very good chance that Ivy Bridge will work with P67/Z68. 


Also note that you will need a big honking XL-ATX case for this board. If you're sold on the cool features of this board, the G1.Sniper is the same but in standard ATX trim.

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