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For those of you recommending mac minis for the job, I applaud you for your audacity. As for these micro machines, they can keep'em for all I care. For that price, I can build myself a small machine (albeit, much larger compared to these) with power to spare and it would still be as quiet and blend in with my home theatre setup.

I'm not knocking these things, the concept is great, but the execution is a bit lacking. If you're gonna market something to the home theatre crowd, you better put out something that will handle HD content without even batting an eye.

My take on some of the things I've seen:

Intel Core i3 w/Integrated Graphics = Blah, overpriced word processor.
Intel Core i3 w/Cheap Integrated GPU (ATI/nVidia)= Okay, it'll handle HD content without too much headache.
AMD 'APU' w/ATI Graphics Chipset = Crowd stealer





(Why are rich text formatting options not showing up? I misread this post and did a strikethrough of my reply with a correction, but strikethrough didn't show up. Don't feel like trying again.)



I bought one of the Mac Mini models a few weeks ago. They run fast but cool. I run my file/backup and Subsonic ( server on it. And run iTunes on it to feed an Apple TV.

I am going to sell a Zotac ZBOX HD-ND02 I had. It was slow and put out heat like a jet engine.

I hate alot of what Apple does in limiting choice, but the mac mini makes a very good home server. And it is so quiet and has such good thermals you can also have it be your HTPC (currently I don't use it as such and just have it in my office).



Does the i50 comes with the remote like the n20 does? The n20 is a pretty sweet machine that works GREAT for a HTPC (I run Win7 with xbmc and it's running near perfect). The fact that you can power it on and off with the remote is icing on the cake. The ASRock, Acer Revo and Mac Mini don't have this, to my knowledge. I paid under $300 street for the Atom 525 (dual core) version with Ion 2, 320gb drive and 2gb of memory.





I don't get why for the love of god can't we have netbooks/nettops with a powerful intel atom cpu and a fucking ion 2 chip. It's always one or the other... I like to belive it's because of intel's greed but I admit it is pure speculation on my part. As much as we love our uber spec'ed monstor pc, Intel is losing ground to mobile market (ARM), Tablets (Nvidia Tegra) and now AMD's APU series netbooks which can play HD videos without stuttering, unlike the whimpy Atom chip.



The Giada N20 has an Atom 525 and ION2. I use one for my HTPC with XBMC. Works well for 1080p content.


Or did you mean you wanted a Core2 CPU with ION2?



Yea that's pretty decent... I am not familiar with their model line up and I know there are others that have dual core atom + ion2... However, at the time I was looking at nettops, gpu acceleration was missing in flash they weren't peppy enough and even now I think it would have trouble playing blu-ray discs. The major fail I think is in the netbook arena... amd capitalized on this opportunity and I just bought a C-50 APU netbook from Target for around 200$. Lot better at video playback but sucks in the cpu department. I knew this going in and for 200$ for a 11.6 inch netbook with windows 7 premium, it's not bad.



<quote>Perhaps you’ve heard about our concept for the Velcro PC: a computer so small, light, and unobtrusive that you could literally affix it to the back of your HDTV.

That concept might have finally arrived in Giada’s i50 PC.</quote>


Didn't this concept arrive over 2 years ago with the Acer Revo?

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