Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 Speakers



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I'll keep rockin my SP2500's til they break :)



i bought logictech s220 at first and gave they away to a freind cause i found them to be cheap and to samll and lightwheight that month i got my maximum pc mag and saw the reveiw and bought them from and found these to be one of the best set of speakers i have owned. 



Fyi, if you're looking for a $25 set of speakers, the Logitech S220 is pretty good. MUCH better than my $20 generic Radioshack ones, that's for sure. I haven't managed to make the Logitechs distort, even at a pretty loud volume (I can't stand much more). AND I have the bass turned to max. I wonder how these compare.


Secondly - about the spam? Since they always use the same wording, why not block it? "Very good web"

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