Fractal Design Define R3 Chassis Review



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After reading the May 2011 magazine I did a little more looking at the NZXT H2 that's going to be holding My Server Hardware, This bad boy poped up in a Review on Youtube. After watching the review about Fractal Design Define R2 Vs. NZXT H2 I Headed over to and found this Review, witch by the way is far way better then the NZXT H2.

8x HDD Trays was what I needed and the HDD trays are better then NZXT H2, also the Patent pending ModuVent™ design is Awesome and better then NZXT H2. This is exactly what I needed and all I wanted Thanks Again Maximum PC.

Now all I need are more SATA Ports.

Long time Reader and Listener keep up the good Work, Also love the Magazine Layout.


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Consoles Sucks!

PC's Rocks!



This is a really nice looking case.  Was any indication given of where or when it can be purchased in the US?  I see a company online selling it out of Canada, but they want $50 to ship it.  Kinda painful for a $100 case.



Comparing top-of-the line cases against each other is fine.  But how about puting in a low end generic case in the mix for a even wider picture?



Is there any chance that the review for the NZXT Phantom will be put up on the website?



I have the january issue right here and my god is that chassis beautiful T,T I had already purchased an NZXT case prior to the review and i'm very glad it earned a nice review.

Back on topic, Maximum PC doesn't make money off our comments. if every review was published for free on the site, no one would buy the magazine.



That whole roundup is scheduled to go online early next week. 



So full disclusure: I already got myself a Phantom from Newegg and i freaking love it. Drawbacks are: that it is heavy, and (for me at least) it was a little tough to get the hard drives in the brackets provided. 

But I expect to subscribe to the magazine soon anyway, so it all good all around. 

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