Fractal Design Core 3000 Review



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I actually wouldn't mind swapping out my Antec 900 for this case, but on the other hand it would be huge pain in the ass after all the case modding I did to suddenly come out and switch to a new case.


That reminds me...  Have you guys ever done a review on the Antec 900?  How about releasing a list of all the cases you've reviewed in the past couple of years, so we can make a much more informed decision on our next build?  You don't have to go crazy on the lists, just a simple spreadsheet with the pros and cons of each, with their rating.



The haughty disdain from the author that a good case should cost less than $100 is disgusting.  $100 is a lot of freaking money for a simple metal box.



agreed. just because a case is less then $100 doesn't mean that it's a p.o.s. and 'good cases" does not mean it has to be $600+.   This case is about what you get when you buy a prebuilt from big boxville, as those have 2 expansion bays anyway. besides this isn't some case to cram the LGA1366 i7 990x behemoth into, it's for those who build a it moree moderately, kind of like the $340 pc that they had on the site, as soemthing in the sub $500 could be built inside this and work just fine.



I dont use optical bays anymore :3



How are you gonna install windows? you need a disk drive to make a bootable thumb drive.

and you could put a fan controller, a media card reader, a hot-swappable hard drive bay for backups.

the list goes on and on


Microsoft should make windows 8 available for sale on bootable thumb drives for netbooks and such.



1-2 optical bays are fine imo.



I dunno, my Sentry II fan controller takes up 2 drive bays alone. I still prefer to keep my DVD+/-RW/Bluray/HD-DVD drive for watching movies and ripping discs to load on my cell to watch when I'm on the go.

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