Focal-JMlab Focal XS Multimedia Sound System



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looks like an iTarded product to me.  how does a pair of speakers which tailors to only 1 kind of mp3 player warrant kick ass?  i cant use my Sony mp3 player with them, I have to buy an iPod.

all that for the very low price of $600.  and power is very important for speakers to ensure no distortion at higher volumes.  they might sound all chirpy and crisp at a low volume, but i think ur getting that confused for real sound quality.

granted ive never heard them so i cant say that for sure, but according to the specs the woofer wont even drop below 39Hz.

how can a system whose features only work with iPods, has a 39Hz woofer, a $600 price tag, and only stereo, warrant a 9/10 kickass award.  looks like crap to me, i wouldnt pay more than $150 for them even if i ownd an iPod.

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