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Pros: Grahics are great and so is the sound track.  


I am at 54% (paid alot might as well) and agree that after a while (20-25%) it get boring, the missions are the same kind from different sources. The ACT II is a little more challanging but still, not much different.

Yes, they shoot while having their back on you and you get shot/hurt!!

Hate the weapons system.  Doesnt have any info on the items when you purchase. You have to goto the menu(Press Escape) to get the details of the weapons you are buying, so annoying!

And sorry Max PC, have to agree you are too generous to the games lately.  May be Norm is just a kind person. 




The Good : Large open space to approach each mission 50 square kilometers of stunning graphic design.

About 30 full hours of gamepalying (to finish all the missions)

Rewards and upgrades systems feed off each other very well

The Bad : Story line becomes boring after a while.




Not much is mentioned in this review with regards to multiplayer... the game does include that.

Multiplayer is not all the great with the interface of getting online and some of the controls. Considering multiplayer is really crappy this game should not warrant a 9, usually mpc is more subjective and detailed with reviews than this.
Prolly too many games that came out at once to review properly? lol.





The multi-player does suck, The way you have to wait to join a game, could be up to 10 Min's i swear some people think that the lobbies are chat rooms the Single player is awesome the only thing i wish they would have included would have been the ability to prone.



I'm playing this game for a while now...i agree one of its assests is the whole big game world to explore and do what ever you want just to get the mission done..but its assets is one of its downfall....

AI's have a bit of a bug..they shoot at you from the other side and the bullets magically hits you from the back?...hand guns are useless...much better you just chop-em up for a stealth kill...vechicles breaks down easily..found cars much more resilient to damage..character can't jump high enough...death animations should be improved...

and YES mission tend to be more repetitive...after a while i find myself yawning while playing...maybe crytek should had made this game..Crysis is much more fun than this....



Thought I'd throw my opinion in here too. In which case, I agree that the game would hardly qualify for a 9. Like everyone else, I had great expectations, which at first looked like they would be met. But it only takes a couple hours into the game to see some repetitiveness. The foundation is fantastic. Open world. Great graphics. Cool environment. The parts are all there. But the glue is half-assed. Story missions are relatively creative, but side quests are not. The same old 'target of opportunity' or 'some guy is trying to sell guns on my terf' crap. I can think of plenty of cool mixes on those themes alone. How about shooting down a prop plane transporting guns? Or actually STEALING the new guns instead of just liquidating them all the time? Maybe escorting a target of opportunity? Being tasked with sneaking in and poisoning a VIP?

They could have done so much more. But they chose not to and for that, this game will not go down as an instant classic like it should have. Maybe that Crysis mod (Far Crysis) will have better success.



I agree this game isn't a nine no matter how you slice it! I might get back to playing it or I might not, just too many other better things out there right now to play.



 I gave it a try and found it's just not my type of game. The features unique to this game, such as being able to burn the grass and stuff was fun though.



I'm playing it right now and I'm certainly enjoying myself.

Just running around the world is truly incredible to see the detail in the textures and the way the light is accurately modeled. I absolutely love the way they incorporated the map/GPS into the game, very well done. If you pick up an enemy weapon it can be unreliable and jam or even break during use, so it pays to use your own personal stash of weapons.

That being said, the missions can be a tad repetitive and its annoying having to fight your way just to reach a target location throughout the vast road system and waterways (altough there is quick transport but there are only 5 stops, in the corners and the middle of the map).

Oh and this game really doesn't like OC'd components. If your FSB is OC'd or your GPU is OC'd this game has the nasty habit of crashing. I had my Q6600 @3.2GHz and it wouldn't last 5 minutes, I lowered the multiplier to make it 2.4GHz but that didn't help so I was forced to put the FSB back down to stock 1066 to be able to play it.




the map editer is the best thing in the game.

the multiplayer sux. good luck trying to houst a game with out a dedicated server.



Enemy AI always knows where you are. You can't just take a shot or two then run around, to catch them off gaurd. They always know. O ya anyone else notice they aren't looking at you but still shoot and hit you?

After clearing out a camp, it should be empty for at least 24 hours. I clear it out and come back in 30 seconds and its full again.

 Im only 20% done with the the game and I'm already really bored with it.  



The game my be good looking and have a awsome sound track but that is about it it realy lacks any core story line and is extreamly repetetive,it can get very anoying when you have to fight your way just get to a mission and then again to get back to get a new one.

If it was not for the fact that world looked so awsome and reactied so well and that the combat was pretty good with plentty of decent wepons it would be a complete trash.



A quick google search reveals this games shortcomings.  I not only bought the game but also the hype.  I appreciate this author's enthusiasm but believe it misplaced.  Gaming sites are not rating this very highly and I am surprised to see MPC giving it this rating.  I think it misleads your readers.



I also noticed MPC giving trash games good rating now. I don't know when it started, but it seems that there reviews are scewed quite drastically.

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