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Evil Don

If you are doing something intensive with your system, like video encoding or converting that is when this type of card shines. Left 4 Dead is unplayable ( 1 second + pings) for me on my Q6600 while I am converting video and using the NIC on my mobo. If I use my K1 my pings are between 100 and 200 ms. But if you never do anything in the background you will never notice the difference.


Comic Book Guy

Why do I say that, because you weren't putting any real strain on your connection, as you were just using spectator mode and following the same people around; had you actually played then you could have gotten proper measurements, etc...so the article is crap! Which seems to be happening at least 90% of the time lately!

Comic Book Guy



they have started selling it direct for $99.99 now, but i have to agree that it doesn't seem like a good investment.




I've got a $40 NIC from Intel that works fine.  Onboard QOS is stupid as hell, you need to control the bandwidth at the router.  Optimizing your shit on your own PC does dick all if someone else in the house is downloading gigs of pron.  It will ruin your ping.  Hence, QOS controls in a router.  You can restrict by port, IP, or MAC.  Buy a fancy D-Link or get something that can run Tomato firmware.  Killer fails again.



To expensive..

For 50$ I might think about getting it but $150 is to much - I also don't care about the sound ports or w/e the other port is.

Integrated sound on my motherboard has worked just fine for me and the one time I had a add-on sound card I didn't notice anything different other then having the anoyance of trying to find the correct port to plug stuff into.



only the smartest can see it !!!! ya gotta get this look, nyuk nyuk nyuk !!!

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