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Tom B

I am stuck with an Envision monitor with 1680 x 1050 native resolution.  I'm not satisfied.  This resolution makes text so light and fine it is almost unreadable.  I have another 16 x  9 monitor that works well with a resolution of 1280 x 720, that produces readable text.  Any other setting with the Envision other than 1680 x 1050 is rough and distorted.  I'd like to find some way to resolve the problems with the Envision monitor.



I can't find this monitor anywhere, including any of the online retailers listed on Envision's website.  Perhaps Maximum PC needs to rethink their BotB budget monitor and pick one we can buy.



You guys should review the dell 2209wa, as it's said by some to be the best 22 in out there.



Don't waste your money, this is a horrible monitor for the money. I ordered two from staples, one from Amazon (under the "Nspire" brand). The viewing angles are embarressingly bad for an LCD sold in 2008, lots of backlight bleeding, and you will find at least one corrupt pixel, as all 3 monitors i bought had one.

Why would MaxPC say this is "The best 22-inch display we've ever tested"? Maybe they've lowered thier standards. Maybe because the monitor they reviewed, or even an LCD monitor displayed at your local Best Buy, has nothing to do with the monitor you actually buy. You can just dismiss any monitor review you read.

As its stated on CNET - "like a snowflake, every monitor is unique. There can be significant differences from one monitor to another -even among the same make and model." (http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-3173_7-6871537-4.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody). Maybe its a "bait and switch" type operation, where manufacturers make a decent LCD model to began with, and when they find that its become popular and moving off the shelves, they switch the LCD panels for shitty ones they weren't able to sell before.

Either way, don't buy this monitor based on this review like I did. I'm gonna wait another year to buy a monitor. Maybe by then IPS and PVA panels, LED backlighting, with low input lag and pixel response, that target the consumer market (thinner, stylish black bezels) will be more prevalent and decently priced.



 Envisions web site says "Resolution: 1680 x 1050" the Maxpc revue says "Native Resolution 1680x1080" am i wrong?



I purchased this monitor based on your reviews and have not looked back.  A friend of mine also purchased this display and has a similar experience with it.  This is truly a great monitor for the money.  I have had no bad pixels and a beautiful display ever since it has arrived. 

STAPLES was selling it last spring for about $200 but is now selling it for $279, I guess I got it at bargain basement pricing, making it even sweeter.  BUY.COM is selling a version of it, AOC G2219w1, for $229.  So, it can be found if you go looking for it.




Why is this model listed? It is impossible to find this model lcd screen. Usually I trust MPC's recommendations and buy what they say are solid gold. But where can I find this monitor?

Also, why is this another gamer lcd impossible to find? - L227WTG-PF

Granted I see this LG monitor at Bestbuy.com but I'm from Canada and it goes for $309.99 US while only last month it was on sale in Canada for only $230 CDN dollars. I waited and now it is non-existant in Canada. As is Envision G2219w1

Ah the frustration...

Can MaximumPC please review more 22 incher monitors? It is the sweet spot for most of us budget gamer or PC user. 24 inches and up is just too big for us.



I was fascinated by the the review for this monitor and went to find a place online to purchase it, but couldn't find it on Newegg, so I went straight to the ENVISION website. What I noticed was that when I went to the model name on their site that corresponds with the model you have labeled this model, it had a description of a 17" LCD. Could you perhaps shed some light?



I also bought this monitor based mostly on this review.  Also got a good price so that helped.

 No dead pixels and the image quality is very good especially considering this is a budget panel.  I'm using this in dual-screen mode with a Dell monitor of the same size.

 I don't like he overly reflective "piano black" finish of the bezel--I prefer matte finishes.   Also the monitor is a bit wobbly--my Dell's metal base is more stable.





I bought this monitor based on your review. 

When I got it, i was a bit disappointed because the monitor seemed to have a subtle but persistent flicker. After a bit of playing around with it, I realised that if I move my desk to another side of the room the monitor is just fine. Apparently there were powerlines in the wall that caused the screen to flicker. 

It is one of the best monitors I have had or worked with. Lovely colors, good brightness, good shrapness, good response rate. Its nice to see that Envision (or AOC) have spent all their effort into making a good display rather that on squeezing in lots of half baked features. Kudos. 




I bought the monitor based upon your review.  It is the best LCD monitor I have owned (of any size).  However, it only has a 21.5" viewable area, not 22".

Insofar as the suggestion that the Acer AL2216Wbd also be reviewed, do not bother.  I have 2 of them, as well as an Acer X223W.  They are good monitors and a true 22" viewable area, but neither model is even close to being in the same league as the Envision G2219w1.



Nice review. Your first two sentences made me pop-up the story in its own tab, versus just reading the headline in GReader.



Might I recommend a review of the Acer AL2216Wbd and the ChiMei 221D? Both of those panels are well regarded among budget 22" buyers, particularly the Acer. I'll be very interested to see how they fare in your DisplayMate tests.

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