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I don't understand why anyone buys nettops. When you factor in the price of a monitor/keyboard/mouse, you can buy a low end dual core laptop which runs faster.  



I own a nettop, my rationale for getting one was as follows:

  • I use a laptop for work and all my resource-consuming tasks
  • I own a desktop which I only use for web-browsing, chatting and watching movies
  • I connected that desktop to my TV

My requirements for the desktop are:

  • it has to be small 
  • it has to be noiseless
  • it must consume little power
  • it must be able to play HD video smoothly

That's why I ended up going for a nettop (mine is an Acer Revo). I am aware of the fact that it is not the best choice if you need performance, but my criteria were size, noise and power consumption - so the choice was reasonable.


For anything that requires plenty of GB and GHz, I have other systems.



I hope I live to see the day that a kick-ass computer you can actually do stuff with is that small. That would be cool.



thats called the Dell Inspiron Zino HD

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