D-Link DIR-615 (Rev. B2)



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After reading the review on this router I upgraded from a linksys WRN54G to the Dlink DIR 615-n . Bfore I changed over iI ran a speed test on all my computers to compare before an after. What a difforence an not in a good way. The best i got on my Gateway desktop hardwired in was 21.07 meg after it was 5.26 an every other computer showed a simeler drop. I cann't see why PC Maxumin likes this so much in the real world it just does not work I'm going back to my G linksys ( i know my spelling is bad without spell check i'm lost)



I purchased the D-Link DIR-615 (Rev. B2) router over a year ago when it was on sale for $19.95.  It is the only wireless router I have ever had.  I just plugged it in, turned it on, and set it up.  After a year it still runs reliably with decent range and speed, and I cannot imagine doing much better unless I want to spend $150-$200 for a high-end router.



I have the 625, and it is a really great router. I can game while someone is watching Hulu in the HTPC and someone else is surfing the interwebz. Great router and it does what it needs to.



I've had nothing but bad luck using D-Link brand products for wireless networking.  What I'd really like to know about this router is if it can go longer than two weeks without the Wi-Fi radio flaking out, necessitating a power cycle to correct.



How do I know if I have a Rev B or not? Is this just a firmware update? I have one that I bout in late 2008 - would this be considered a Rev B?



Look at the bottom of the D-Link DIR-615 Router.

There should be an identifier saying which revision it is. Mine's Revision B2. Then again, when you go visiting the router's admin page @ (default for D-Links, I've found.), you'll notice that there's another identifier of the version of the router that you have at the top right of the admin login screen.

Mine displays the firmware and hardware revision as: Hardware Version: B2 Firmware Version: 2.24

If you've got the B2 version, I wouldn't recommend updating to firmware version 2.25. It made mine go nuts until I dropped it back down to Firmware Version 2.24, which made it rock solid. 

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