D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router



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This is a very good router and i've owned it for two months now. One reason why I didn't buy this router when it first came out was because of it's lack of reviews and lack of adapters to support the higher throughput. After consulting newegg and bestcovery, I found enough courage to take the leap to purchase this device two months ago. Never been happier. LCD is a nice touch...


If you're a gamer, take a look at the list below

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I'm a cheap bastard, as I'm still paying for mistakes I made when I was younger.  My DGL-4300 died on me after about 3 years of good solid service.  Just on a whim, not really able to afford one, I did a google search for Site:craigslist.org DGL-4500.  I found one for $70 and they shipped it to me!

I flashed to the newest firmware, 1.21 & d/led the newest shareport.  It's way cool, I have a flashdrive, a printer, and a portable HDD all on a cheap $10 usb hub.  It works GREAT w/ all of it!

Oh, and I play TF2 tons, and my laptop gets the best reception I've ever had!


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I am running the DIR-655. It has ALMOST all of the settings I desire in a router. Before this I had a Linksys WRT54G v8 with DDWRT Micro on it. That was the best setup ever. I know the 655 is 2.4ghz only, but I have the ability with this router to do just about everything the one in this review does except run on 5ghz. I don't see that as a downside because I can stream HD content on my laptop to my tv with hdmi from the laptop and it runs great. This router also has just about all the options that my ddwrt firmware gave me EXCEPT wake on lan. I miss that so much! :( And it has the ability to run a guest network too, so I actually have 2 wifi networks on one router. It also give you the ability to let the guest network see the regular one, so it gives me the best of both worlds. I run my regular network with full wpa2-aes and the guest with wep for friends/family and an old nintendo ds i have. :) But anyways, check out the DIR-655. It won't disappoint.



i have 2 crusty old linksys wrt54gs routers running ddwrt.....i would love to make the jump to n routers but cant seem to find a general consensus on what n router dual band or otherwise will work for me.

 I have one of the routers configured as a bridge which works  swell for gaming but when ever i try and stream video like tversity or something it takes forever to buffer and stutters and freezes

dont want to run cable...(i rent) so the bridge thing worked nice..

Can anyone suggest some n routers that work well with this setup? the current n routers from linksys are getting horrible reviews...and since i have to buy 2 of them...I want to make the right decision....




I've been using DGL-4500 since it's came out. Before that I was using it's older brother DGL-4300. I was quiet satesfied with both. Though compare two, besides the hardware differences and speed differences, DGL-4300 had more features in setup, for instance, in 4300 you could filter access by MAC for Wifi or LAN+WiFi, in 4500 you can only filter both LAN+WiFi, which is rediculous, especially when there is a limit of 24 MAC addresses and novdays many using virtual PCs...

Both routers works well with P2P (aka lots of simultanious connections), though I have to reboot once in a while if use P2P for a few days straight.

Using WiFi for my media PC (about 20 feet through 2 walls), streaming 1080p videos with no problem. File transfer is about 7mbyte/sec, via gigabit LAN is up to 50mb/sec.

There is one thing one must be aware of. The latest firware update is irreversable. If you flashed from v1.0x to 1.1x that's it, no way back to 1.0x - this really pissed me off, because the 1.1x is less stable with P2P.

DGL-4500 supports Dynamic DNS sites. Even though in the available dropdown list there is only 3 sites (probably these who paid them), it actually supports more then that. You can use no-ip.com, changeip.com and many others :)



With DGL-4500 I had a bad lock up a few times when all 4 LAN ports
where used entire network become unaccessable, the only solution was
reflash firmware, hopefully there is settings backup feature.




So when are we going to get an updated best of the best router? Itcannot still be the WRT600N. It has received many bad user reviews, and its successors have gotten worse reviews. And the WRT600N is hard to find now with some people selling them for nearly $500.



It's definitely time to revisit the router issue and choose a new king...

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