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I don't know why they did that. It looks REALLY bad and fragile. How is that even held up? They could have done a lot better like with what my builder did for me. I of course got the 360mm on top, but they used one 120mm radiator in back and another 120mm radiator on bottom instead. Overall, it's looks a lot nicer, and it cools my Tri SLI GTX 580's perfectly. Only downside is that it is HEAVY, if you get something like this plan to keep it in one spot "FOREVER", lol. Overall, I'm happy with the computer I got from Ironside Computers, and it cost a lot less then what Digital Storm wants. I honestly don't really see the justification to go with a company like Digital Storm when they send a review unit like that.



These are the things that make my 2.1 GHz Athlon 64 x2 w/ ATI Radeon HD 3200 obsolete

Life is like a box of chocolates, except you can't eat life.

My deviantART: 



Budget PCs today (total cost of 800 USD) w/ monitors, keyboard, or mouse, make a 2.1 GHz Athlon x2 w/ ATI Radeon HD 3200 obsolete. Bumping the cost down to $600 matches your rig pretty well...

A more accurate line: These are the things that make everybody's rigs, excluding DSHS owners, obsolete. As the zero point comparison shows.

Anyways, this things is so much overkill, it's ridiculous. Awesome-sauce filled ridiculous-ness. With Chuck Norris superpowers on the side.



Who cares about the paint job, weight, or the so-called ugly rediator(I think it looks tough)?

I'm jealous as hell!



I just wanted to drop by and respond to some of the comments.

Rear Mounted Radiator:

The reason for the rear mounted radiator is because this system has two separate dedicated liquid cooling loops. One for the processor and chipset/voltage regulators, and another one for the three video cards. Both the processor, memory, and video cards had all been overclocked. Load temps on the processor are around an impressive 65'C under Prime95 at 4.4GHz.

Shipping Damage from Rear Radiator:

We are aware that there are concerns of possible shipping damage, and to prevent that, we've invested in a massive foam molding machine. Each system that comes with this high-end cooling system receives a custom foam mold that takes shape of the entire exterior and interior of the chassis. In addition, we also provide our customers with a discounted upgrade to a Wooden Crate for ever safer shipping.

Rear Radiator Placement:

I agree as well that it isn't the best visually appealing place to put the second radiator, however, we weren't able to find another location to mount it. If you guys have any suggestions, we're free to hear them and improve our product.

Warm Regards,
Rajeev Kuruppu
Digital Storm
Director of Product Development



I have this same case and put a Feser Single 120mm Radiator on the back inside which cools the water from my proc and nb/sb/mosfets just fine. I used two Scythe Kaze slim fans for a push-pull set-up. Maybe that would be an alternitive to triple stacking fans outside the case. The Feser radiator is a bit larger than most normal radiators, but I didn't have any problems setting it up and it performs excellently. The slim fans really helped (12mm thick each), so 2 of them are thinner than1 normal 120x25mm fan. They also each spin at 2000rpm so the air flow is really good.

I also noticed that the Corsair Obsidian case doesn't have the best air flow intake to outtake ratio, so I turned the rear radiator to suck inward that way my top triple raditor set up on top exhausts all the hot air. I noticed the air flow was much better when I did this.

My Core i7 930 runs at 4.3 Ghz with an idle temp of 29c and 100% load of 50c (Intel Burn-In), and my dual 480 gtx's run OC'd at 900 Mhz with ambient temps of 40c and 48c full load.

Not sure if that helps or not, but that's what I ended up doing.




is why Digital Storm is a BBB A+ vender.  I was seriously thinking about getting a DS pc late last year, but I opted to build my own.  The real deal breaker for me was shipping...I live in Alaska.  I plan on moving down soon, and the next time I need a newer pc, I'm going Digital Storm.  As for the rear mounted raidator, I'm a lazy nerd, and my computer will never move.  Ever.  So that's not an issue for me.  And for the price?  I said this many times before....You can get good customer service, or cheaper products, you can't have both!  Plus, they have many decent rigs under 2k.  That's more my price range.  I know if anything fails, or I have any kind of issue, I will be taken care of.  Nice rig DS!  Keep up the Pwnage! 



You could cut out the bottom hard drive cage and install a radiator there pulling air from below the case like the PSU. However, I see nothing wrong with the radiator mounted to the back like you have it now. 

 My other suggestion is to custom sleeve the power cables. Black always looks sharp or color matching the water tubing would look good. 

Oh yeah... sending free samples to me is always welcome. 



Next year it will be a paperweight...



Am i seeing things or am I correct in saying that there is both an internal (top mounted) three fan radiator as well as an external two fan radiator? If this is the case, why did they decide not to mount some fans underneath the three fan (internal) radiator to exhaust through and out the radiator?

 I like the reservoir's front panel.



that radiator looks funky. what way is the hot air and cool air going? i hope that bottom fan on the radiator isn't throwing heat back at the graphics cards.



And let's not forget to add in the cost of an electrician to come out to your house and add a new circuit that will be able to run this power hungry beast. Your typical 15 amp circuit can only handle 1440 watts, this is rocking a 1500 watt PSU, and we have yet to take into acount a monitor, photo and laser printer, cable modem, wifi router, lighting, and most likely a second PC as well.



This is not for the poor, or average, or well off.  This computer is for the rich.  Most rich people have big homes.  Most big homes have 20 amp circuitry and most normal homes have 20 amp circuitry atleast going to a laundry room.  Got extension cables?



yeah its nice, i am a speed,function guy as opposed to looks, but 7 grand is a lot of money to shell out, then again if your rich it deosnt matter does it, i am happy with all my self built very fast machines, and in six months someone will come out with something even better all ways around


nsk chaos

too bad it cant fold as well as it should.............



And now sporting the following AWESOME FEATURES!!!



A rear mounted cooling system that will SURELY;

Break off either during shipping or really anytime pressure will be applied.

Fans that will warp under the strain, make noise and eventually die prematurely.

Easily damaged external parts to guarantee eventual system failure.

Your shiny(not really but still nice) case that will surely warp under the weight overtime aswell. 


Yea so....................wait for it....................


.............................not buying it. 



Go into DS forums and you will see none of the complaints you just listed for people that have the same chasis and liquid cooling setup.  There has been a few bendings during shipping on a few occasions due to the non-upgrade to the crate plus the combination of horrible shipping guys.  The box looked like it went through a warzone, and still all that happened was minor bending of the radiator.  Then, that's when the great customer service kicks in, they actually take care of their customers.  But none of the warping issues or dieing you described has happened so try to read about things before you make negative assumptions.



Well I think this is an amazing machine. However I will stick to my Notebook with

Core 2 Quad 6700 @2.66

2x 9800m gt sli

4 gb ram with 1.5 tb (3x 500gb)

It still does the job and when I finally build my own, I want it to be the best. 




Why is there a three fan stack on the double rad? Also, why bother with a double rad if you have a triple? The watercooling is overkilled with radiators. What is the actual weight? I guesstimate it at about 80 or so pounds.



Where's Crysis?



Can it max out crysis???



that rear radiator setup might be the ugliest thing i've ever seen though



Yes. They should  have definitely stuck the radiator which is required to cool the beast down in a less noticeable place, like the front, the top, or maybe one of the sides.  Clearly MPC readers care more about looks than benchmarks, and all orient their computers with the back side facing forward.



Yeah we are for real that looks horendous and I would never buy a boutique pc you can do it ayourself for less and make it look better. And yeah from a boutique pc company looks are more important if I'm gonna pay 5000 for a pc it better look good and not have something on it that will break during shipping.



Agreed. It just looks off, compared to the rest of the rig.



yes that is pretty bad.



Can't... stop... droooooling!!!



Digital Storm makes nice computers. But this one just seems so lazy in design. I can understand if they needed to space the rear radiator out. But using 3 fans to do it is just...well lazy. They could have made a bracket, or like someone else said, mounted it on the side. But grabing 3 fans and bolting them on the back as a spacer is something I would expect a Noob to do. And for 7+K, you have got be kidding me. Nice try,but bad form.

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