Digital Storm Benchmark Crusher



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a company finally does everything right and it costs 10 thousand dollars to own one. lmfao wtf pwnt

so much for the concept of fast cheap computing lol.

nice to see that high end system manufacturers are lacing thier machines with all the best parts for us junkies lol :)

seems like a nice machine all around... the half images of it kinda make me want to see more lol...

a good full image of the machine wouldnt hurt tho ;)




Could you have included a pic of it from the out side?



Seriosly guys... you praise the exterior but give us no graphics? Please don't be punishing online users! You're better than that!!!



I wish I was rich :[, I save up for a 2000 dollar computer and it kicks ass , then you got this thats almost as much a car or a very cheap apartment, it always makes me look at my computer and question its ability. I think whoever buys this should definately look into philanthropism lol



Using a game that is known to punish hardware as a benchmark is sort of the point.




It doesn't punish them because it's this absolute marvel of futuristic software, it punishes them because it was poorly written and poorly executed code.  MaxPC wouldn't use Photoshop to benchmark if it was full of memory leaks, so why should they use a game with poorly written code?  And if they found Photoshop to be full of memory leaks and Adobe updated it, wouldn't they use the update version that had been fixed of all of its problems?



Poorly written and innefficient code is par for the course for many games.  It doesn't necessarily make them bad games, just poorly written, so they can still offer great graphics and fun gameplay.  You can't really just substitute one game for another.  It makes sense to use the one that stresses the hardware the most, as long as it is a game that people would actually be playing on these big rigs.  If there's an update for such a game, I'm sure they would use that, because that's what everyone would be running.  Of course then you've broken your comparison to earlier systems and you'd have to re-run the updated benchmark on those in order to have a valid comparison.  That's why they have to have a zero-point system to test against.



I agree. I really have nothing to add to the argument, but I do agree.



I would like to start a petition right now to have Crysis removed from every hardware testers benchmark list.  For the simple fact that although it was a great looking game, they main fact that it punishes computers is the poorly written code.  If a Crysis game must be used then Warhead should be used.  The graphics are better and it runs on half the machine that it took Crysis to run.  My modest set-up would bearly run Crysis, but runs Warhead just fine, which shows how flawed Crysis was originally.  Some may not agree with the removal of Crysis, but if its not removed then any benchmark that is run with it should also be run with Warhead also.  i just think there are better games out there to use that are made with such flawed code.



when a $2000+ system is running the game at 54fps........something is wrong there, and you dont have to be a genius to figure that out.



i still don't think it is that poorly written, i really do think it looks that good, and not only that the physics and large maps also hurt the performance, and besides the only thing i look at and probably most people look at is  crysis(i could always be wrong), so i agree with you that they should benchmark them both

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