DFI LAN Party UT X58



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Could Maximum PC add a third column when comparing benchmark results: % ?

PC Mark Vantage x64        6597        7082        6.85%
ProShow (min:sec)              601          552       -8.88%
MainConcept (min:sec)      1090        1080       -0.93%
3DMark Vantage CPU       46541      45424       -2.46%
HD Tach (MB/s)                  213          185      -15.14%
Valve Particle Test (fps)       156         155       -0.65%
Quake 4 (fps)                     234.9      224       -4.87%
UE Mem Copy (MB/s)       18768      19182        2.16%
UE Mem Latency (ns)          32.8        31.9       -2.82%
SiSoft Sandra RAM (GB/s)   26.7        26.3        -1.52%



I don't think this will catch on.



I have one of these at home and I really like it.

The only downside I've seen with the board is the weird heatsink on the Tylersburg chip. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but when this is installed in a fairly standard midtower case and you're are using one of the rather large top of the line videocards, air circulation for anything lower than that card is cut dramatically. With as hot as the Tylersburg runs, especially if you're overclocking or using one of the higher QPI enabled CPUs, it can get a little toasty inside the box. Because of the size of the Tylersburg heatsink and the way it's shaped, it's not very easy to strap a fan on it to provide any extra cooling.

Other than that, I like this board very much. I've worked with a lot of i7 boards, and this is by far my favorite.



Doesn't that big honkin' heatsink make it a bitch to get it in the case?  Do you have angle the board in to get it through the hole in the back or is it removable? What if your case has a nifty removable motherboard mount?



The heatsink is removable and technically installed after you install the board in the case.
It can be mounted in 1 of 2 places.  Either by the I/O ports poking out of the case (as the picture shows) or connected to the large black heatsink where it arches up and hovers over the CPU fan.



i think x-fi is just too overrated. Realtek is a hero for most users. With x-fi we need good quality sound! But most users just surf internet and watch youtube which doesnt have damn good audio just average. So realtek is enough. But i have to agree on such highend board, x-fi is important at the price we pay. without it, well not really high end right?



Nothing, really.  But the MaxPC editors have been licking up scraps from Creative for so long now, they're just used to it.  Either that, or they live in a reality where Creative products don't suck and don't die within three days, and you can always find drivers for any Creative product without hassle or headache.

The rest of us know better.

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