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I have the mention a few points that the review leaves out. First, the graphics are incredible, not just on the individual units. The environments are huge and very detailed. One takes place on a giant frozen block with some sort of giant demon entombed in it. Another has flowing lava everywhere. And in terms of graphics, it's not terribly demanding, but still looks great at lower detail levels. My GTX260 maxed every setting out @60fps+.


It's not TOO hard to grasp, and I have never played DOTA. Once you play through a few matches you get the idea, and honestly, I learned more about the different characters and classes by playing them WRONG first, and then figuring out their style. And though there are only two major character classes,  each character plays completely differently within each class. 


nsk chaos

DotA l33ts FTW!!!!!! lol i personally love playing dota and i hope the learning cure wont be too difficult =)



I never play these type of games or anything close to it. However, when I found out that they released a free demo for download, I tried it. It was the most confusing game in the world. I couldn't figure out how to do anything and the game didn't help me with it either. After about 10 minutes of play, I uninstalled it. It looks like fun if you can figure out how to play. I just wish I could've grasped it somehow... :(



The comparison to DOTA is interesting.  Defense of the ancients warcraft III custom map is at this point probably more popular than warcraft III itself.  A very addictive game.  if demigod draws on that and fixes the problems mentions I just might pick it up.



I really enjoyed this title. It really soothes the Starcraft 2 delay wound (for me atleast), and is a great non-DOTA RTT/RPG/RTS. it's a blast to just pop into a quick 15-30 min match before heading out to work. Connection issues aside, i'm looking forward to seeing what DLC stardock plans for down the line.




err you amazon links to mp3 album music not the game.

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