Dell XPS One 24



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Mike Hawk

4GB of ram and they are testing with 32bit?!



You mentioned the price of the "Product Red" model, but what is the price of the reviewed model? How does that price stack up to the HP you frequently compare it to? Which is the better value for your money? Does the upgrade to "Product Red" justify the price increase?

These are basic questions this review should have answered.



Just for spyware removal, but it was gorgeous.  I would never buy an all-in-one for myself either, and still I had to go to the dell website to price them.  One other bonus this machine has is that you could use the heat coming from the top to make beef jerky while it's running.  I also worked on one of the HP's recently, and not only did they (wisely) put the PS in a separate brick, but they also put all the USB and network connections on it too, so you only have one cable to plug in.  It looks much neater, but heaven help you when that thing breaks.



how come no 64-bit OS benchmarks?



You can delete my comment after you fix the typo :)

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