Dell Inspiron Zino HD 400 Review



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May i know the temperature to the CPU, GPU, HD and etc...??

Is playing 1080P videos (MKV, AVI, MP4 or others format) smoothly?

Thank you





Windows 7 comes with WMP12, not 11. 


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I built my own system for $400:




 BFG GeForce 8400GS w/ 512MB

 Windows 7 Ultimate

500 GB harddrive

6 USB ports DVD burner; will add blueray player later.

Streams 1080 with no dropped frames; gorgeous playback! No limitations on what I can watch from the net. With my 46" LED HDTV, I'm in heaven!

 Using a standard size case, it's a bit larger than the Dell, but it's performance justifies the size. And it's easily expandable. Very quiet.



I actually bought a Zino HD last night; I've been researching this and I find your review a bit unfair, and in fact not like Maximum PC.

The model that you are reviewing is the "Bare Bones" build. I suggest that a more fair review (for Maximum PC readership) would be a build with 4GB of RAM, the AMD 3250 or 6850 processors, and the dedicated ATI 4330 graphics card which has been reviewed at and was found that such useage as Flash videos was substantially improved with these upgrades (and undated drivers/flash) compared to the authors prior review (which is essentially the build reviewed above).

The above upgrades do increase the price $240 however (as of today) which essentially doubles the price of the bare bones model; but likely worth it if the intent is to use this as an HTPC (which is the point of the review above).




The machine has a 3250e in it. Also, the 6850 was not available as an option at the time in the Zino HD. The 3250e was the fastet chip available in it. Finally, Flash 10.1 was in beta at the time and not in general release. It did not offer any support for the GPU in the Zino HD. You also have to remember that the world is not all about Flash which is why I also looked at and slagged QuickTime too.

So, don't get me wrong, I liked the Zino HD as it is far more capable than the Atom-based units but it still needs more clock speed to deal with the very crappy code of Apple and Adobe. 



Thanks for your feedback. We review systems as they're received; for products that can be custom ordered, we don't tell the vendor how to configure the device, only to take our audience into account. 

Michael Brown, Reviews Editor

Twitter: brownieshq 

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