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this game was fun for about 15 hours or so. then i was done and over it, i proobly racked up about 35 hours switching characters, checking out abilities and doing multiplayer. but pretty much anything over the 15 or so hour mark was just more of the same. the game never changed and never got much better. the only reason i even put more time into it was multiplayer with friends. even doing a run with 3 people over a week or so we made it to the end of act 2 and all decided that the game just wasnt worth finishing. even multiplayer.



Dead Island to me was basically L4D with RPG elements.  Also, I'm not much of a fan of QTEs (had my first experience with that in Jericho and got really pissed off with them in Biohazard 4) so I wasn't really feeling the mouse and keyboard strokes to kick open a door or fend off a zombie.  And finally, like another Deep Silver published game, it will have its technical issues so it didn't surprise me that people were having framerate issues, graphic glitches, gameplay problems, etc.  Maybe a 6 seems a tiny bit much but I would probably rate it no higher than a 7.  I think the idea was creative but the execution fell short.



I agree with others. Reading the reviews I didnt expect much from this game when I bought it. After I finished it I think a lot of reviewers did not do ALL of the sidequests. Without doing all of those side quests you are ill prepared for the finale as far as your character level goes. My only real complaint is that the developer was playing fast and lose with the game updates early on in the release schedule. A few times they broke the game, however they never were down more than a day or so.

All in all, not a bad game at all. I would have gone 8/10.



The review is right about everything except the score.  Despite all of it's flaws, at the end of the day, the game is damn fun.  Not sure I could play a game for 50+ hours if it were just a six.



I'd like to know how the lady on the bed is levitating?

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