CyberPower Gamer Xtreme 3200



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Righteous Fury

but you guys went the opposite way on this article. Just checked Cyberpower's website, NO SUCH SYSTEM. There are 2 different versions of a Gamer Xtreme 3000 and one version of a Gamer Xtreme 4200, but no Gamer Xtreme 3200.




I've looked the through the whole site, you're right there is no Gamer Xtreme 3200. Yet, nobody seems to by caring at all. So, I'm thinking it's coming to the site.



Call me old fashioned but since when was $1600 considered a budget machine? Don't get me wrong, I think that parts used are top notch. I won't dispute whether the machine is actually worth $1600. What I will dispute is whether I would consider this to be a budget machine. Just slapping an i5 into a machine doesn't make it budget.

In this economic climate I would consider anything over $1000 to be out of the "Budget" category. In fact, I would consider it out of main stream category. $1600 right now is at the low end of the enthusiast range. Lets leave the term budget where it belongs. $500-$800 systems.



I would have to agree with mesiahs call, this is definatly a sweet build, but I would put it in the lower end of a gamers pc catagory, and I take it a person already has a monitor? Otherwise that could bump up the budget price another $200.00 for a budget monitor.

For the people who visit this site, and post in Maximun PCs forums, this might be considered a "budget build", as most of the people here understand that for what could be build as an Xtremm gamer, this is a very nice budget build. But for the casual PCer, $800. would get you a nice basic pc, with a monitor.



The Pricegrabber isn't for the Gamer Xtreme but for some Smart App Sinewave. I've searched for it on the CyberPower site and found nothing. Could someone please give me the url of where I can buy this.


nsk chaos

yo quiero.



1600$! damn im bout to upgrade and this just shot to the top of the list

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