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To claify,  you say," If we haven't tested something with our own benchmarks on our
own rigs, it doesn't exist for us."  That excuse couldn't be more lame Nathan.  It's not like the multitudes of faster SSD's are a rare item that's hard to get.  So keep your head burried in the sand and tell people that your world is the only one that matters. If you haven't tested it it doesn't exist.  Wow, the world just got a LOT smaller.  What a load of B.S.!!


You said, " we don't have the time
nor space to review everything on the market. "  Cmon, you're not some guy running a grass roots publication from his garage (I don't think).  Many of your readers including me have some of the SSD's that have performance that falls between the two that you tested. 


You said " this review was originally
published in the March 09 issue, which means it was reviewed around
early January. Print has a long lead-in time. "  The large number of fast SSD's have been available much longer than Jan.

You said "but time travel is sadly not yet
possible. "  Now you jut seem like a mouthy little smartass Nathan!


The fact is you and the publication you work for are not doing a very good job.  The information you provide is not valid, it's incomplete and by your own admission.....dated.  Actually, even if this information had been published in Jan. rather than Mar. it would still be incorrect and dated.


And how would you know if anyone makes outragious claims about an SSD?  You obviousley don't have the time, resources, or inclination to actually be able to compare what the market has to offer.


It seems that between myself and a couple friends, we posess, use and benchmark more current tech than an entire publication and it's staff.


You get a LAME-ASS Award MINIMUM PC!


I really believe that the shareholders of the publishing company of Maximum PC need to rethink this publication and make it what it once was.  It used to be at the head of the class leading the way among all other computer enthusiast magazines.  It had that "edge" and the most current up to date information contained within it's pages.  Get back to your roots and advertising revenues will increase as well as readership.  Like so many other business's today, a complete overhall would remove the stagnation and bring a new energy to Maximum PC.



Keith E. Whisman

They need to stop making these low capacity SSD's and flood the market with high speed SLC High Capacity SSD's and I mean 500gigs and up.

If they can mass produce high capacity SLC SSD drives and actually sell them then prices will come down closer to the levels of regular hdd's. I want SSD's to replace HDD's but it's not going to happen until they make it into a why bother kinda of deal. What I mean is why bother using HDD's when SSD's are the same price and have the same capacity but are alot faster.

We aren't really going to see anything good come from this until the price of SLC Nand chips come down and that will only happen when demand gets high and more and more producers of these nand chips pop out of nowhere like everything else. 



While I agree with you that it would be nice to see a lot more high capacity drives for cheaper, but that won't happen for at least an year, since the cost of NAND memory needs to go down, and until they develop better manufacturing methods, that won't happen.


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Um.  Just because the market has 20, 500GB SSDs on the market doesn't mean that the raw costs of the NAND flash memory used to *make* said SSDs is going to get any cheaper.  It's not like the manufacturers can just say "oh hey, we're going to all band together and flood the market with drives, which should magically reduce the cost of all the flash memory we need to buy to make these drives a reality."



Good god!  I've come to realize you guys at MPC really have no clue.


You said: "The CSX SSD’s read performance of 114MB/s is second only to that of Intel’s X25-M"

Before you guys start flapping your lips again why don't you actually get the basic facts.


There are at least a dozen models of SSD's (and several manufacturers) at Newegg alone that have better read speeds than this unit that you stated was second only to the intel X25.


If you were just the average blogger I'd cut you some slack but you don't deserve it.  You're supposed to be the experts and inform people about facts.


I'm not even going to post here anymore.  I continually see bad advise from the "doctor", horribly conducted reviews, and plenty of false information.


You get far from a "kick-ass"  in fact you get a 1!!!


I wish I had a job like you Nathan Edwards,  ya get it totally wrong and you're still gonna get paid!



To clarify, whenever we make product comparisons like "Second only to," we're referring to our testing. If we haven't tested something with our own benchmarks on our own rigs, it doesn't exist for us. Anyone can make outrageous claims about read and write speeds, and people get different results based on different testing protocols. And unfortunately we don't have the time nor space to review everything on the market. 

More to the point, as Keith mentioned, this review was originally published in the March 09 issue, which means it was reviewed around early January. Print has a long lead-in time. 

Since this drive was tested, we have seen several SSDs with much higher read and write speeds, but time travel is sadly not yet possible. 


Keith E. Whisman

Man why are you hating so much? He gave this drive a 4. That is pretty low. 

If you think you can do better why don't you start a hardware review website and a computer magazine. BTW this article is really old. It was in the magazine and this article is really old because of the lag from the time the magazine gets written and printed to the time it gets to your door step. I heard someone say it's 3months. A January issue would be written in October or November for delivery in January. Alot happens everyday let alone that length of time and I don't think there are any magazines worth their salt that has a faster cycle.

I say Nathen you did a great job on this article and I'll stand by your score of 4 for this drive even though I want what I've been ranting about like above. 

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