Crysis: Warhead



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This game was awesome, but short. The improvements to the graphics engine are the best. With a superclocked 260 (Core 216) I had around 30-50FPS. It's way faster, I like the new guns, but it's still too easy.

Crysis on Delta was a drive-by shooting. Run. Hide. Shoot. Warhead is a little more hiding, covering, because of the big battles but I got about a quarter of the way through on Delta in hour, a little more. 

 Too bad their new engine is for consoles. It seems to be going that way. Since consoles GPUs are outdated, they are using the CPU power so most games for maybe a year or a little more will probably will be CPU bound.

 I would give it an 8.5



The first Crysis was easily one of the top 3 games I have ever played, but this one just paled in comparison. OK, the floating around part in Crysis was REALLY anoying, but it was a great game. This one, well, it had some great action sequences, but it was pretty lame in terms of the story line (which didn't hardly make any sense, and the fact that it seemed like the entire game world was soaked in gasoline. The graphics warn't as sharp and the contrests and game worlds warn't as good and the maps in single player were confusing yet linear. The multiplayer, is all me and my bubs play at LANs now. It is just increadable. My 2 cents.



Though crysis warhead was not as big gameworld as the first one, it makes good use of the toning down of graphic requirements. More bells and whistles but with less strain to your GPU..

for me the real deal was fighting along with the other nano suit teams on the island.

I'm using a Go 7600 and it works well on medium settings using riva tuner to OC the GPU for some extra juice of power..just under 30 to 25 FPS...

what made crysis a great game was the ability to tweak the graphics on anyway you want it..



I loved this game.  Admittedly more for the game
style and graphics than the story line. You can choke chickens and knock down
walls with your fist.  I also love how little direction they give you.


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