Crucial C300 256GB SSD Review



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you should throw together an AMD rig with a SB850 southbridge, an 890FX Chipset, the Phenom II X6 1090T, a Radeon HD 5970, 4GB of RAM. 2 Good motherboards for that are The ASUS Crosshair IV or the MSI 890FXA-GD70. Or grab a RAID card if you like Intel so much!



That's the 1st big problem myself and everyone else who frequents and posts testing results in the Crucial Forum about this SSD have found. Definitely do a baseline Win7 install to have correctly a correctly aligned partition for overall performance, but most importantly: "DO NOT USE THE MARVELL DRIVERS!!!"

Performance will probably increase about 10-15% accross the board by using the default AHCI drivers that are used in place of the Marvell drivers. My C300 256GB SSD posts Sequntial Speed reads in the 349-359MB/s. Sequential Writes are about 220MB/s new and after 2 months of use and no cleaning (just using TRIM which no one can seem to verify that TRIM commands are being properly pushed when using the Marvell Drivers empirecally, (although measured speeds is better without over time) to around 198-210MB/s Seqential Writes. ETC ETC.

Also look into using AS SSD and Crystal Mark on top of HHD Tune for SSD testing as it's designed around testing what an SSD is good for.

Basically your testing proves that the Marvell Drivers once again are piss poor and there has been no hint that they are planning on bringing out a driver that will truelly improve performance anytime soon. The stock Win7 msahci drivers are the best when using the SATA 6GB ports.

Your results are quite far off from what others have tested this drive at and usually it will equal or beat most other drivers in most functions.

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