Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Review



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It hads been better to use discreet sound cards for a while now, espcially for gaming. Microsoft dropped support for 3d sound starting with Vista. That was a shame, the sound cards from Creative work fine until that happened. Also, finding drivers and support for Creative's software has also been troublesome. I like the fact that this device is plug & play using usb, can be used on multiable devices, and that it was bulit from the ground up for Windows 7. I am looking forward to see more about the PCIe version for the Recon 3D serious of sound cards for my next build. Looking to use the PCIe type for my next build provided their is no issues connecting the front panel audio ports to it.



I'm a bit confused as to the purpose this fulfills....(god a *HATE* feeling dumb)...while not a soundcard technically...could this handle all audio chores?


The IDT audio driver on my HP DV7 is currently eating over 800MB's of RAM....and I can't update it or do anything. The "updated" driver from HP breaks all audio period, "fixed" versions of the driver don't work either. It's either a "new working" driver that removes all audio capability from my laptop, or 1.5GB free of my 4GB RAM because the audio driver eats everything else.

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