Corsair HS1 USB Gaming Headset Review



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  Is it me or is the "Kick Ass" award just given out way to offten...  I'm sorry but I would NEVER shell out 100 dollard for a headset that will totaly by passes a even mid range sound card... Any time you use USB with Audio equeptment you absoulty lose out on fidility, 50mm drivers or not... It just dosent matter when the built in USB sound card is built for pennys... No differnt then that god awful onboard Audio (yea, Im talking about you reltech)... Oh and if anyone thinks 5.1 or 7.1 crap in a pair of headphones is a good thing your WRONG... last time I checked our ears are stereo, its the effect that the sound card creates to simulate the sound surrounding you.. and you want trust a cheep USB sound card to keep you alive when your in involved in a massive firefight. lol ...



I actually bought these from NewEgg on MaximumPC's review (I subscribe to the magazine - I know old school). Anyway they are pretty great for the most part. The sound quality is terrific and the virtual surround sound works great. Biggest complaint is about the microphone. The sound quality is only average, and the volume (even when turned up) is still pretty low. It's also not noise cancelling. For the price I would really like to see a better Mic.

My buddies would also like to be able to reverse the orrientation so that the microphone is on the right instead of the left. Personally that's a non issue for me, but obviously some people want that feature. For Corsair's first audio product it's impressive. If they beef up the microphone and perhaps drop the price a little for the next version I'd give it a perfect 10.



I typically don't like asking for things for holidays, but this might be on my rather thin and unexciting wish list. 

Is it just me or are Computer Hardware/ Tech junkies boring to buy stuff for. Asking for hard drives, or ram, or motherboards, or a computer case isn't what family/ friends are expecting it seems. I think they want to hear "iPad" or "i want a pony"...

Let that get away from me a little. I recieved a mag recently, and its getting real close to shopping time - Should i expect to see a Maximum PC Holiday buyers guide for geeks? That would be sweet - i'd pass it around the family get togethers, so i don't have to respond to "What do you want for Christmas" with "an SSD"... No one will have a clue what im talking about - even less if i name off a few of the manufacturers and models...


publicimage has a wishlist feature. :)

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