Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler



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From my personal experience I can say that the service of H50 cooler is not upto the mark. I'm not satisfied with the review. Anyway thanks for sharing your view. I think its need a better survey. cheap electronics



I bought this H50 for my i7-875K mobo and it keeps my 3.5Ghz at 59C @ Prime95 torture tests. I'm pretty impressed about his performance and t's quiet. The only thing that I want to change mine to a V8 is:

-High idle temperatures (bad for long-time use)                                                                           

-(Personnal) I'm always wondering if my H50's going to leak/stop pumping/wear the water coolant out over 1-2 years :"(. Please, can anyone tell me this H50 can last how long ? Because I like it a lot, but I don't know how long he will last before he dies...

PS: I don't want to mod/open my H50 to void my guarantee to make it last longer :-P 



This is a sweet little cooler.  I just put one in my i7 860 rig.  I overclocked to 3.8 and temps stay around 70c on prime stress test.  My stock cooler was running at 84c according to my mobo during the same test without overclocking.  Im impressed.



I'm sorry but to say a the H20 system beats a True on a stock Q6700 is not a legitimate review.  The name of the site is Maximum PC, not Minimum PC.  Overclock that Q6700 t0 3.6 GHz or higher then report the results.  That's where the True and any other high end cooler shines, at high voltage Overclocks, not at stock.

I'd bet money that 120mm rad couldn't handle a 3.6 GHz OC.  Guess we won't know though.



Wow, took a while, but it finally came as requested, a review of the H50...


I've seen a LOT of coolers, and there are some that are better even on air, and even some high end liquid cooling solutions that aren't as good as what's available in the H50. This isn't to say it's the end-all and be-all of coolers, because it's not.


The H50 is for those that want to dip their toes into water cooling, but don't want to dive into the deep end all at once. It -IS- a very good cooler, make no bones about it, and for the vast majority of people it will quite easily do whatever you need it for with EASE, and even low to well into the mid-range overclocking.


If you're someone on the furthest fringes of overclocking, then of course you already have an answer and it's likely superior to the H50, but at the considerable cost of relative simplicity and ease of use.


For what it is, the H50 is AMONG the tip top coolers right now (not that I needed MaxPC to tell me, but it's nice they too have reviewed it). So while the testing methodology may be "wanting", the results are definitely good and with a push-pull fan it would have trounced the U120, even with it using a push pull of its own.


Now of course the caveats, if you already have a good air cooling methodology, the H50 does NOT warrant an upgrade because you're already nearly certain to not necessitate any additional cooling capability to begin with. If you -want it-, then buy it on those grounds, but don't do so under the mistaken belief that you HAVE to have it because you don't.

If you're about to build a new system, and plan to push your shiny new processor hard and fast, then the H50 is definitely a VERY strong contender for cheap, (relatively) easy, and extremely capable solutions available. Let it be known, other coolers can very easily be more friendly to install, but once it's in you're likely to not need to worry about it ever again anyway. So unless you're crunched for time, a little extra patience and a few more steps are hardly anything to be upset by, and anyone planning on using such a cooling method likely has a full tower anyway (Micro-ATX need not apply).



"We were more interested to see how the H50 did against CoolIt’s similarly priced Domino (reviewed June 2009). "

It would have been useful if you actually *had* compared the H50 against the Domino.  Since you didn't and since there aren't any test system specs posted in the Domino article, there's no way of telling if the test systems used to evaluate the H50 and the Domino were the same.  If not, then the temps from each article cannot be compared against one another - making it really difficult (actually, impossible) to tell which cooler performed better.



I really like you guys at Max PC, but why is it that every other review I've seen of this been 10C higher In both tests? Now I understand that some config things could be different but it looks to be virtually the same. I might have to call B.S. on this review. I love Corsair products and did some extensive research on this product, and this review seems a little suspect to me. No flamers please



I decided to go with this cooler using a push-pull fan configuration (Scythe S-FLEX SFF21E 120mm Case Fan - 49.0 CFM) for my new build around the i7 980X. At stock speeds I was unable to hit the under-load temp of 40C as reviewed (Prime95 for approx 30 minutes) - coming in with temperatures peaking just over 60C. Idle temperatures were around 30C. (Ambient room temperature at about 24C.)



They did mention something about swapping the 3 pin plug with the molex connector and getting terrible results. I don't know how easy of a mistake that is to make since I have no first hand experience with the product, but it is possible that other sites have made the mistake and not realized it.

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