Corsair Cooling Air Series A70 CPU Cooler Review



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I just put one of these on my machine, which was running a little hot with the Intel stock cooler (I know, I know, should have switched it out long ago).  My temps now are on par (within a degree) with what was found in this article, and I got it for $45, plus tax, retail.  I like it.



You complain about the high msrp?????? If anyone buys it at msrp, they are a fool, it is at least 50% off at most places, or even more. And it's little brother the A50, can often be purchased for a measly $15 dollars. I am pretty sure I have seen the A70 for $20-25 before as well. Honestly, I think Corsair made a decent first entry with the A50/70, and then adjusted their prices to properly match the performance and to get their stuff into more systems to get more traction in this area. I expect their second gen stuff to be even better (Especially with the fans). The fans are by far the worst part about their coolers, they are definitely noisy. I hooked mine up to a fan controller so I could slow it down slightly more than the resistor was taking it, then I hit the happy medium.

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