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Buy Corsair products because they're well rated, but forget about ever spending any of their so-called "rebates".

Corsair offers "rebates" which their customers absolutely despise. First of all, they make you bend over backward to try to fulfill all their weird requirements, and if you make even the tiniest of mistakes on any of their forms, your rebate will be rejected. If you misspell, abbreviate, or leave off a single word on the envelope you send your forms in, REJECTED! If the post office smears the postmark on your envelope, REJECTED! If the envelope gets "lost" or delayed in the mail, REJECTED!  

But suppose you do manage to make it through their labyrinth of bizarre rebate requirements and finally get your money after waiting month after month after month, then what? SURPRISE! You don't get money at all--NOPE!  Instead, you get what they call a "rebate card" which you cannot deposit or cash anywhere! But you'd better do something with it quick, because fees begin to accrue immediately, and Citibank will be only too happy to deduct those fees from your card as fast as they're legally permitted.  (So be sure to read all the caveats and fine print on that incredibly confusing and lengthy legal document which accompanies your "rebate" card.)

In conclusion, buy Corsair's products if you trust the reviews and the company, but you should totally ignore their sleazy rebate b.s. 

I don't know about you, but I'd much rather spend my money buying from a reputable company which doesn't try to cheat their customers like this. God only knows what trials and tribulations await should you need warranty work.   Yea, good luck with that!!!



 I love the quality behind this case, it's not the most sexiest but it looks like it could be one of, if not THE most convenient and functional cases out there, however having no front or side intake concerns me.
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I bought one of these cases. and i am VERY pleased with it. the only caveats i have is, This sucker is HUGE. it dwarf's my Cosmos 1000 Case Easy. the second is, The motherboard cutout cover is made of plastic and the small pegs can snap rather easy (happened during shipping for mine.) and 3rd (which isnt really fault of the case but rather how thick my PSU wires are) the side panel bulges slightly from the large amount of wires running through behind the motherboard (and the side panel)


This case also offers decent cooling and oddly, its quieter and cooler than my Cosmos was.


It definately deserves the KICK ASS award no doubt!





i hope they review the 600t right when it comes out cause thats a beast of a case. 


Peanut Fox

600t has way too much plastic for my taste.  I love the custom filters and there is still a lot of thought behind the design.  The side panels look exactly like the Cosmos 1000/1010.



@Nathan - What is wrong with Faygo? It is a much better pop than 7 Up could ever hope to be :))



I dislike Faygo's association with a certain musical subculture popular in my youth. Nothing against the soda itself. 



These are fantastic cases and while I love this case, It is sooooo worth the $50 to get the 800D.  After all the hard work of installing everything in such an amazing case, it is nice to see what you did.




Peanut Fox

I agree, but I really don't like the design of the 800d side panel.  I don't understand why they built the 800D with angular square cuts, and then use a curved side window.  It really breaks up the look of the case for me.  The 800D is still a really nice case.  I'm a big fan of liquid cooling, so I like to peek inside my builds to see how "everyone" is doing.  I plan to grab a 700d and cut my own window. 

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