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I installed an ECO because I really don't have room in my case for the Hyper 212+.  I am using an AM3 socket.

What they do not tell you in the instructions is that after removing the factory fan, you also need to remove the plastic bracket on the mb that the fan hooks onto.  Then you screw the ECO straight into the MB.

Once I figured that out, the install went fine and my ECO is working great.


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

 so if i understand the umm i guess you could call it a Benchmark? my hyper212+ is better and cheaper lol and i see the advertisements in maximum PC about free upgrade to water cooling with h50 what a waste

"there"s a hack for that"



i have a 2 fans configuration now and i can say that the improvement is clear (atleast to me :D ) others have different opinions?
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seturi bijuterii



with all three of the coolers used in this review supporting a push/pull configuration, can you guys report on whether or not you see any marked improvement using two fans as opposed to just the one?  I was actually kicking around the idea of picking up the H50 for my HTPC just to quiet it down.  I've seen some people saying that using two fans actually does improve the performance of the H50.



It can, and definitely will improve with some caveats...


First, I'm sure you already know, use good fans with decent volume, two 15cfm fans aren't going to change the world just because you slap on a second one.


Second, there will be diminishing returns, you can get two fans that sound like a B-52 winding up for take-off that push some preposterous amount of CFM through the radiator, however you're only ever going to get but so much thermal efficiency, particularly when the rate of water flow is effectively "set" at a given pace.


Basic rule of thumb, get two really good fans from a highly respected maker that are both good volume -AND- quiet.



While I'm not knocking the H50, there are actually "all air" solutions that can cool just as well, and arguably even better for the same price or less. For instance the Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.B (for right now) is looking to be king of the hill with a good push-pull setup, and the best thing about it is that there's no pump to ever fail. I'm not saying an H50 or other solution is prone to that, but let's face it, Murphy's laws are only ever going to occur at the most awful time possible, so weigh that into your equation as well. I tend to go straight air for a rig I know -HAS TO WORK- no matter what happens, come hell or high water it will not go into melt-down.

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