Cooler Master V8



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Josiah Charley

This Cooler Master’s V8 CPU looks so... cool and so vintage, that it makes me want to say "Sweet!" the way Cartman says it. I have been searching for a good cooler for a long time, because I thought I had issues with dangerous malware exe files, when in fact all I needed was a loving cooler.



Blindly Going Where many have gone before but often failing to read the directions!

I used this fan in my new build. Other than the fact that the install directions were written by ugh the caveman, who communicates in pictures and very very few words. I managed to get it in there. It would be nice if they marked the orientation of the air flow in a clear way, so you can place it facing in the best exhaust posture(?)placement.

It's a monolithic mutha for sure. It was so tall I had to remove the cpu air tube from the inside of the side panel, and reverse the retention screws on the cover so that they stuck out of the case since they were hitting the top of the V8's plastic shell case.

While it appears to be on the verge of creating a structual collapse due to its hanging weight, it's not really that heavy and the included x clamp design(think xbox 360) seems to be adequate to maintain its precarious position.

I see where some comment that the fan on high speed is too noisy for little more cooling, honestly the hum of the power supply drowns out the fan to me. It's the noise a pc makes. The most I can hear is the low roar that resembles the sound of HVAC duct work moving large amounts of air.



Been eyeballing this one for my next build. Zalman put out a conversion bracket for the CPNS9700 which WAS my favorite cooler, but seeing as how this is performs better while having a lower price has sold me.

 I had planned on using red in my theme anyway.



Lord Omega

Add a more powerful fan and you got one hell of a cooler (not saying that it isn't bad the way it is). Put one into it that moves lets say, 78CFM, then that is O_O


Or if you do not want any LEDs, you can go with one that moves 110CFM O________________O OH SHI-




edit: I am a heat freak. I hate heat. The cooler the better. I do not care if it makes a lot of noise.



hukd un fanix rulle wurked fur mi lol


bad spelling or not it is a damn good cooler i got one on top of an i7 965 EE wich is ontop of an asus rampage 2 extreme and its idling at 26c and full load prime of 2 hours was 46c


Lord Omega

The V8 can work on the 1366 socket!!!! and can go up 180W. HOLY ****! >_> It is a great heatsink.






  1. Past participle of bold.




but once the corruption has begun it will soon.




When did bolded become a word? The editor should ashamed.

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