Cooler Master V10



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It is useless, too big, a drain on other resources, and cost too much,  yep I am sure our government has something to do with this.  No real hardware designer would have dreamed this up.



Just stupid.  CoolerMaster is a great company but this completely misses the mark.  I can't imagine that me nor any of my friends that build PCs, would seriously consider this for a build.



Designed for tech stations only perhaps?



MaximumPC, please do some reviews of the Scythe heatsinks which are irrifutably king of the hill for silence, and for sheer cooling power offer up some comparisons to the Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer, Xigmatech 1283 series, the Thermalright Ultra 120 to this day can run with ANY aircooling solution, or if you insist on going the Coolermaster route, why not show the Hyper Z600? These examples are among countless others mind you that haven't spent a single penny on advertising on your magazine but utterly obliterate any of the coolermaster or zalman CPU heatsinks you've reviewed in recent months/years... (This subtle hint brought to you by your local sledge-hammer provider!)


All of the CPU heatsink reviews I've ever seen done here are painfully isolated, tell you nothing about the actual quality of the heatsink itself nor the parameters that quality should be judged by, the methodology by which the results are determined is simply omitted, and the final word gives no actual weight by which to compare and contrast against the truly good cooling solutions out there.


This of course isn't for my sake, but the benefit of others so that they can be informed not only about this product, but others, and the differences between them. Not only is it important to know if a product is good, it's just as important to know WHY it is or is not, and what they should be looking for rather than gimmick nonsense, even if that same retailer does indeed make some decent products. I and many others can readily fend for outselves, but EVERYONE has to start at the beginning sometime, and it is important to make sure that those who are beginning are given the firmest footing on their initial step toward becoming truly informed on the subject.



What kind of engineering went into the development of this hunk of crap, I mean exactly what MB was this designed to fit and did anyone at CoolerMaster try to install this monstrosity in any case, I doubt it. The best thing that can happen is, it doesn't sell, gets scrapped and designers are canned.



don't waste your money.

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