Cooler Master HAF 922



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Having had my HAF 922 for about 4 months now, I can say I would buy another one, especially since Newegg now has them for just under $100.00. What I liked about it is it's lighter, approx. 19lbs and yet feels sturdy enough, so when I want to move it to tweak it, I don't get a hernia with the weight of a 30lb case + the PSU and other hardware. As someone else considered, there are no sharp edges, as far as it being unpainted inside, I don't have the side of the case facing out for everyone to look into, so that really doesn't matter for me.

I have a GTX 285 video card, which is 10" long, and I still have 2-3/4" left to the HD cage.



does it really matter if the inside of the case is painted?  you're not going to be looking inside of it all that much.  The side pannel that has the open grating isn't much bigger to see anything more than your mobo.  So any inside paint job will be covered over by your mobo anyway.

The only thing I can see good about a painted intieror would be that the sharp edges would be covered up with paint.  But a case nearing $100 would have all the edges folded over so there are no sharp edges.  That's good if you're constantly replacing parts inside, but most of us don't reopen our PCs for anotehr 6 months to a year.




Is there enough room in there to stuff the new extended length video cards? Those new ATI 58XX series cards are pretty long.



"We HAF to recommend it." ..I swear that you guys hired my dad to write bad puns for this review or something. This is some military-grade punnage.



The puns make them sound sophisticated... uhh wait...



Like the 932, the industrial look is nice and the all black is awesome, just wish the inside was black aswell.  Excellent case for a mid tower gaming build.

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