Canon EOS Rebel T1i 500D



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Maximum PC is a computer related site/mag...   If you want a review of the cameras photography features, go to any of the many photography related review sites. i.e.  among many others...

I just wish Canon hadn't droped Compact Flash support from the Rebel line :(  I can't afford a new EOS 50D & while the T1i could replace both my EOS 20D & my JVC Everio Camcorder, which are both having major problems... my 64GB of Extreme III Compact Flash cards (four 8GB & two 16GB cards which both the 20D & Everio use) would be useless with the T1i, & I would loose out big-time trying to sell my used cards to get new SDHC cards.



Dust cleaning technologies do very little in the real world.  There's plenty of documentation around the internets on this, so it's probably best not to hype it any more than it already is.

As a magazine serving a wide-ranging audience, there are certain to be people curious about the video performance so I fail to see why it's so terrible that they mention it.  Especially considering Canon's 5DmkII and 7D cameras - in spite of being dSLRs - are building quite a reputation as very high quality video devices, it's natural to wonder where the Rebel line fits in.

For anyone wondering if they should make the jump up to the dSLR level, remember that skills > lens quality > camera body.  Yes, in that order.  :-) 



The camera featured is a DSLR and you're hyping up the video? Video is a cute thing to have on a DSLR but these cameras are rated on how they perform doing what they're supposed to be doing... taking pictures.



lol @ that the only downside of the CAMERA is the video issues.



Well it is a digital camera.  Not a digital video recorder. 

If you look at digital video recorders even the high end ones don't do very good stills.



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