Call of Duty: World at War



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Why does everyone hate on WWII games now???  I love em, especially ones done as well as the Call of Duty series.  There are thousands WWII of missions that haven't even been looked at in the gaming world & I for one would love to be able to play them all!




What's the deal with game reviews being posted long after the game comes out and the hype has diminished?  The review for Fallout 3 wasn't posted untill expansion packs were available, and this review is posted months after the release of CoD as well.  

Late Reviews = less helpful

 However, I don't read this mag for game reviews, so it's not a huge deal. 



I rememeber them saying this and it does make more sense. They specialize with hardware, and tech. Not video games. Also, it might take awhile for software to hit their offices. Besides if people were serious enough about game reviews they would go to a site dedicated to them....



No thank you treyarch, I can wait for the next modern warfare. Maybe IW and Treyarch should combine into one studio. IW can handle all the gameplay elements and Treyarch can make the maps. That would be awesome.



The Pacific missions in World at War prove to me that a good Vietnam game is possible.  Especially if Infinity Ward was in charge.  Could you imagine what they could do with tunnel rat missions or recreating the sniper scene in Full Metal Jacket?



Oh man, I can't agree more. The best we have in the Vietnam War era is BF:V, a fave. I would love to see something along those lines with just as fantastic soundtrack, current engine, etc. only done with a COD flair...or maybe even from Crytek...




I love the game personally except for some of the multiplayer (how the hell do you avoid dogs on hardcore?!?!?) and some of the SP levels get rly old rly quick. but other than that I think they added some stuff that rly helped me enjoy MP and SP both. for example:  snipers without a scope?  I love running around on hardcore with a bolt action rifle and being able to 1 shot everyone.  and the SP level where you have to fight through the streets/buildings of Berlin and eventually get flooded out of a train station, has to be my favorite level of any WWII game ever!



this really shouldnt have been marketed as a new game, but rather a mod/expansion to cod4. i cant really think of any way its different from cod4 besides ww2 setting.

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