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I was running CA IIS 2010 on a Vista SP2 machine, IE 8. All Microsoft and third party software maintenance was up to date.

The product had been running without fault since it was installed clean months ago. About three weeks ago I started getting an error message telling me that the Common Event Manager (ccEvtmgr) had stopped working. Typically the error came up on Windows startup, but it would also come up later. The error was non-fatal, i.e., ISS still seemed to function and neither Vista or any other apps seemed to be impacted. The product was also running on a XP SP3 machine, but no signs of this error.

Both Microsoft and respondents to the CA forum concerning this problem had suggested reinstalling the program. But threads in the forum all stated that this did not solve this error. Further, Vista identified the error as due to Data Execution Protection (DEP). It suggested that you turn off the DEP feature for the ccEvtmgr executable. However, I attempted this and Vista stated that the Event Manager must run with DEP enabled.

Since the Common Event Manager couldn't run without DEP I reasoned that this was an issue for CA, not Microsoft. But there was nothing on the forum or the Support website suggesting that CA was addressing the problem. Also, I was not getting DEP errors on any other application which ruled out a systemic (i.e., Vista) problem.

The response from CA was "Sorry, no ETA on a fix yet, but the issue is logged in our system and has had some diagnostic activity in recent days."

Since I had some spare time yesterday I decided to attempt a deinstall/reinstall of ISS 2010 as recommended in the posts.

What a disaster ! The ISS product refused to deinstall cleanly. It left a remnant of the Firewall behind that blocked Internet connectivity for both wired and wireless connections. This effectively made usage of any of CA's web based tools impossible. Downloading a deinstaller to a USB drive was ineffective since the tool will not run without an Internet connection. The Firewall remnant could not be deinstalled since it kept requesting the installation CD, even though the ISS product was installed via a download. Also, the deinstall kept hanging on the CA Parental Controls, despite the fact that I had never installed this feature.

So, after twelve (12) hours, two system restores, and a number of registry edits and manual deletions later I had finally removed ISS sufficiently that I was able to restore Internet connectivity and install another security product. Needless to say I will not be reinstalling ISS !

In my twenty years of using and supporting Windows systems I have never gone through an experience like this.



I am a CA employee and used previous versions successfully but the last 2 version are junk. Stay away!! The support stinks and please do not allow them to take control of your machine. All they know is uninstall/reinstall and fowling up what is still working. You cannot trust the product from one boot to another.


Michael Ellis

I had the old CA ISS on my older computer and it was fantastic. The firewall was a bit too powerful but the computer was untouchable and the software worked great. This new software is complete garbage. Not only is the software bad and expensive, but it has serious problems with compatibility with different screen resulutions with leaves you with unworkable drop down menus. If you are thinking of buying this, just don't!


ps You are right about the settings. I think they may leave certain settings off because the frak with your computer though.



I never figured CA would get big enough to attempt to make an internet suite.  I am always skeptical of suites mainly because every computer I've installed them on (ranging from Norton to others) always takes a big performance hit (I expect a performance hit nonetheless). 


Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



Are there any more lesser known AV programs youd like to test before you get to the ones people will actually use?  



They are as familiar to anyone knowledgable of security as Adaware, SpyBot, and Norton are. They are perhaps best known for grabbing up and ruining PestPatrol, which was at the time the best SpyWare scanner you could get your hands on. I have always avoided them as a rule of thumb, but I would hardly rate them as a lesser known company, although I would rate them much lesser in the performance category.

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