Buffalo Nfiniti WZR-HP-G300NH



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picked up this router, and so far it's working quite well (though I've not really tested its range limits).

I will say, though, that the Buffalo interface is garbage, just pure, unadulterated carp.  I mean, you make a single change (e.g., SSID), and you need to save the config page you're one, causing the router to REBOOT ?!? ... meaning you wait 30s before you move on to the next setting ... and it continues on like this.

Terrible, just terrible design, Buffalo - and MaxPC, I'm amazed that you didn't comment on this!

That being said, I wait with bated breath for Buffalo to release the DDWRT version of their firmware for this router (July, I hope?), so I'll be keeping this router. 



I know, I hate it when my router interfaces are carpy. I much prefer salmon-y interfaces.

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