Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway



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Hmmmm..Another paid review from Future , nice. Just like you sister mag PC Gamer. Their Far Cry 2 review was way off and although opinion does enter into the equation when reviewing games, Far Cry 2 is not even close to being a 9.4 and it's just awful. It's just a boring, over hyped game with possibly the worst voice acting ever. Not to mention 90% of the "New" features are nothing but gimmicks. Are they aware that they just lumped FC2 with the best of the best in PC games? Are you telling me FC2 is up there with HL2 and GTA?? I don't think so.

Now BIA HH gets a 9? My buddy bought this game and after playing it for 20min it was obvious to us that this is another port job from Ubisoft with a garbage cover system and even more linear gameplay than COD:WaW (and it's not easy to top that turd, BTW to Noah Heller: Yes COD:WaW is just another crappy WW2 game). This is not a game it's a fucking movie imitating a game. If Gearbox would have spent 1/4 of the effort spent on cut scenes by adding actual modern day features and sounds then maybe this game could have succeeded. I mean they reuse the same low res textures from previous BIA games as well as the same weapon and weapon pickup sounds as the original COD. Pathetic. How about recording your own sounds or at the very least buy some that aren't 10 years old.

They kept all of the worst features of the previous BIA games including ultra linear gameplay, awful console type controls and a stupid Ubisoft Patented Check Point System®. Also it includes another Patented Ubisoft Feature, Game Breaking Bugs®. They add a few blocks and fences that you can shoot, weak gibs, stupid "sometimes" slow motion and no way to skip the cut scenes and you guys give it a 9? This is rehashed garbage not worthy of the PC. 

Keep this crap on the consoles because no one wants it on the PC's. 4/10


I Jedi

A shame I have it, but have yet to really play it. 

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