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Ever since Vista came out (and now win7) ... I've become more and more confused about the role of a dedicated sound card for gaming.

It used to be you needed a discrete sound card for improved audio fidelity, 3D-positional audio, environmental/ambient effects (EAx) and sound acceleration for gaming purposes. However, with the advent of Vista I think EAX went out the door, although there were patches around that (Creative ALchemy I think). 

Now, with these B&W Speakers using USB, it seems a sound card is all but irrelevant. Other than those who watch movies on their PC or use their PC as a HTPC, do we really need sound cards anymore??



I too am a little suspicious of the $500 price tag, and it is quite a bummer that it is not a 2.1 system.  I would however been less suspicious if they at least had a sub-out.  What I do not and will not ever do, again, is buy logitech speakers.  That Z-2300 uses a crap "full/extended range" driver for its sats.  Not to mention that the control pod will probably break since the Z-600, Z-5500, and G series all had the same problems.  

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Sorry to say but the B&W make the Logitech speakers sound like shit.



So for $500 dollars I get an 18WX4 speaker package with a short cord that completely bypasses my sound card....brilliant! I also like the fact that you say they will hit 57Hz out of a 3" driver but fail to mention its at -6dB, I would like to know where the actual f3 point is.  The form factor is quite appealing and they may sound great, they are from B&W, but I would rather go with the MKIII's which will sound more fantabulous even with a crap card.  Also, I don't think this will pull me away from my card/reciever/2.1 setup I have now.

"Force has no place where there is need of skill." - Herodotus (484 BC -
430 BC)


Peanut Fox

You took the words right out of my mouth.


Number Six

Ten is for perfection.  The thing is hardwired.  That's not perfection.

Oh the humanity!




A verdict of "10 Kick Ass" isn't meant to imply perfection; that's why we have minuses in the verdict as well as pluses. 


Michael Brown, Reviews Editor

Twitter: brownieshq 



MY question DR for you and Mr. Brown, is how do they stack up against
the Bose Companion 5's? I haven't owned either set, but you could save cost of a sound card with the Bose.



Talcum X

 Even if they sound better, there is no its not accuate to have them in the 2.1 category.  I know, I'm being nit-picky, make it the 2.x category to cover both.   Sorry, I'm bored today.  Vid card on the fritz and my games keep crashing.   Replacement on the way. Will feel better soon.


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I have wanted these guys since they have been announced last year. Even hunted them down at CES, tried to steal them from the B&W booth but supposedly that was "theft." 

Got them about 2 months ago and they are something special.  They make you want to listen to new music.  And yes you pretty much have to factor in a B&W Society of Sound membership into the price of the MM1's.  

ONE negative which I absolutely agree with MPC on is the length of the propriety cable.  I have a tri monitor setup with a 30" flanked by two 19" in portrait and the MM1's BARELY reach around the 30".  Seems silly for B&W not to have a longer cable or at least sell a longer one.  

 Only way I rationalized the price was to compare it to a great pair of speakers and an expensive soundcard.  I was going to get the Swan MKIII's + the ASUS Sonar Essence STX which I am sure would be amazing but then I have these big bulky speakers, another piece of hardware in my computer (they will get outdated), crappy soundcard software, etc all for pretty much price of the all in one MM1 package.

 That, and I never told people these little black speakers on my desk cost more than a laptop deal at Best Buy.

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