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is there such a thing in this game? i thin kit would be a good addition, so when one character finds good guns, we can then transfer them across other characters.

i just picked up the Zombie DLC, but was surprised when it was not an added feature.




Moeny well spent.. the game is long and fun, might be a tad easy on the first play through solo but the second play is the meat of it along with co-op its a blast.

I saw no bugs at all and did every single quest in the game as well as roving all over.

I had no PC issue's at all with the game or co-op play and the humor in it and refferences to cartoon characters, games and movies is awesome.

9/10 for me and my buds.

If you like a Fallout 3 type environment with Diablo 2 bazillion guns loot and alot of humor mixed with feeling like your playing a Heavy Metal comic book you won't be sorry.

I do have OCD I have CDO.. its like OCD but in alphabetical order AS IT SHOULD BE!






I have to say I agree with your review of this game.  It's an AWESOME game and I enjoy it a lot...for SINGLE player.  However, you guys dropped the ball on the review for multiplayer.  You must have been playing LAN games.  I have a FreeBSD server for a firewall so I can allow/block/portforward/you-name-it.  Can NOT get multiplayer to work for online private game with my friends.  I tried with 2 different friends and we both tried it while connecting in from 2 different places (1 of which was our homes where the proper ports were opened and forwarded).

I have 1 friend that I play a fair amount with and we have to use a freeware VPN to connect to each other and then play a LAN game.  Adding in 1 or 2 more friends becomes a lot more difficult.  I am SO disappointed with Gamespy.  Remember when they used to actually be GOOD?  I never have any issues with Valve games or Infinity Ward games.

Anyway, until they address this problem I have been advising people against buying this game if they want multiplayer.  I keep hearing they (and I don't know if "they" is Gamespy or Borderlands) know about this and a fix is in the works.  For me, that can not happen fast enough!



-Technology...  will kill us one day.....

Weird i play/host/private online almost everyday and all i did was go
to and opened like 5 ports thats it really........



fwiw, i've had the same problems in multiplayer.  it's annoying enough that one has to open a billion ports just to be able to host/connect to a game.  worse is when... that doesn't work.  or when it does work, and you realize that the game's "voice chat" is not much more than a "hey we're leaving your mic on all the time, huzzah" kind of deal.  and, uh, that you have to use gamespy's service which is borderline annoying at best.

I digress.  the horrible multiplayer connectivity of this game makes the xbox 360 version look quite compelling...



with little to no help on how to actually get online i figure borderlands is just a single player shooter....there are times it is quite  satisfying  the hunter kinda sounds like "bender" nice touch.

2nd play through is better 


thing is the reason i got the game was to play with friends and that just isn't going to happen... so for me game  really sucks!!



I've seen this game at the store been curious about it.. anyone have any thoughts on the multiplayer for the 360 version..



It's not a bad game and I had fun playing it.  I had fun blasting the creature but gets repetitive at times.  The bosses were fun and the style has an in-your-face attitude.  The ending was slightly disappointing.  Playthrough 2+ is quite hard.

 The multiplayer is powered by GameSpy - big mistake.  Even with the right ports opened and even demilitarized, it's still a pain to connect to anyone.

Wasn't worth the full new release price but if you can get it a half-price or budget, it's a great game to pick up.



I bought this for myself and for my 3 roommates. There was a solid 3 weeks where it was the only thing being played, and I am pretty sure their grades suffered for it lol. It is a great game, but it feels a little empty on the repeat plays. DLC and B2 should help remedy that though :)



I haven't played this game yet but it doesn't seem that innovative.  This seems Like Hell Gate London just with fewer class choices



I think an 8 is fair, but I think you should also achnowledge the companys ignorance of PC errors such as mouse smoothing has to be disabled in a configuration file, the limit of only 5 attributes making guns seem less desirable then say a gun with like 10 different attributes. DLC released for consoles but not PC's yet and it has been out for consoles for a while now. It was fun playing it with my friend, and you dont have to be the same level as your friend. The host just has to be less far in the quest line, but can be higher level.



Absolutely love the game but the way the menus are controlled I could care less for



Just as grindy and not fun like RPG's. 

More like an RPG than Quake tbfh. 



It's REALLY fun, I enjoyed it sooo much (and I played most of it alone, so I bet it's even better with friends).

You, sir, do not know what you're talkin' about! 

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